5 Princess Dog Beds That Are Actually Worthy of Your Royal Pup

We’ve seen cooling dog beds, heated dog beds, coffee table dog beds (we’re serious) and even GOT-themed dog beds. But now, it looks like princess dog beds are officially trending. 

Perhaps all the action going on across the pond has upped the demand for the royally-inspired beds or maybe pet owners just want to treat their canine BFFs like nobility. No matter the reason, if you're looking to pamper your pet, here are five princess dog beds to gift your pup asap. Dog tiaras sold separately. 

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princess dog beds princess grey pink heart pet dog

1. Princess Pet Dog Handmade Bed

This handmade bed comes with curtains—you know, for privacy. 

elevin tm princess pet bed

2. Elevin Princess Pet Bed

If you’ve got a smaller princess in your life, this one’s for you. Weighing just eight pounds, this pretty bed comes with a machine-washable pillow and two pink bows you can place anywhere you’d like. 

$10 on Amazon

french iron white scroll dog pet bed

3. French Iron White Scroll Dog Pet Bed

OK, so this one is definitely a splurge. But what kind of dog doesn’t love a Victorian antique-inspired spot to lounge?  spot to lounge? 

sanheng crown pet sofa bed princess dog bed

4. Sanheng Crown Pet Sofa Bed

Yep, not all princess-themed things are pink. 

$40 on Amazon

enchanted home pet quicksilver sofa dog bed

5. Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver Sofa Dog Bed