21 Party Games for Teens That Won’t Be Met with an Eye Roll

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Chronically disinterested teens (i.e., all of them) are pretty hard to entertain. But if you’re wondering how you could possibly ensure a good time for a group of ‘em, we’re happy to report that it can, indeed, be done—provided you plan a bash that features a few of the following (genuinely fun) party games for teens, that is.

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1. Twister Ultimate

This supersized version of the classic game can accommodate a whole gaggle of teens and can even be hooked up to Alexa so no one is stuck on spinner duty. Best of all, it can be played outdoors, too, which means you can reclaim your living room for a little bit.

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2. Would You Rather?

This one’s pretty straightforward, since the game just consists of asking a series of “would you rather…” questions to one another, but the fun is in the creativity involved. Think: Would you rather see 15 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future? Would you rather live in a cave or a treehouse? And so on.

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3. Ouija Board

Bust out the ouija board for a group of teens who like to get spooked (and are willing to suspend their disbelief to make that happen). Just be sure to set up in a candlelit room so it feels like a real seance, not just childsplay.

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4. Never Have I Ever

Although you might know this one as a popular drinking game for adults, ‘never have I ever’ works just as well for teens when you swap the shots for pieces of candy. To play, teens go around a circle saying one thing they’ve never done and anyone in the group who has done the thing has to eat a piece of candy. (Parents, you might be tempted to listen in to find out whether your teen has ever, say, shoplifted—but if you do, we suggest being very discreet.)

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5. Cards Against Humanity

This tried-and-true party game features some pretty spicy content, but the absurdity of the ad libs-style play makes it more silly than scandalous. To play, one person draws a question card from the deck, while the rest of the group offers up one of the white response cards from the hand they were dealt. The player asking the question determines who had the funniest or most provocative response…and everyone ends up laughing until they cry.

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6. Sardines

This clever twist on hide-and-seek starts with one hider and a group of seekers, but ends with a whole group squeezing into the same hiding spot (hence the name). Needless to say, this one is best played outdoors or in large spaces that boast hiding spots big enough to accommodate a crowd.

Party Games For Teens - A product shot of the game 'What Do You Meme?' It is a white box with blue, black, and purple writing.

7. What Do You Meme?

Here, photo and caption cards are used to create hilarious and memorable memes. Play requires creativity and a keen sense of humor, and the game promises riotous fun. (Note: Much like Cards Against Humanity, some of the content in this card game is a bit mature, so it’s probably best for older teens.)

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8. Truth or Dare

Here, an oldie-but-goodie that everyone and their mother knows how to play. That said, parents would be wise to lay down some ground rules before the fun begins—you know, ‘cause some TikTok trends (i.e., the lethal ones) can really put a damper on the party.

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9. Charades

You can’t go wrong with charades—particularly as an icebreaker at a party where different friend groups are coming together for the first time. This board game version relies on team-play, proper scorekeeping and a faster pace to make the classic miming game even more party-friendly.

Party Games For Teens - A number of teens in a sun-soaked room have a pillow fight.
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10. Pillow Fight

Because no slumber party is complete without a good ol’ fashioned pillow fight (and there’s nothing easier to referee than a game with no rules).

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11. Speed Stacker

Buy a speed stacker set or just use your Solo cup surplus to set up a game in which players race to stack cups in as little time as possible. It is exceedingly simple, yes, but the fast-paced play is just plain fun.

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12. I Am

Miming is great, but silly impersonations are better, which is why I Am has a serious edge on charades as far as party games go. As you might’ve guessed, I Am is an improv game in which each person takes turns pretending to be a familiar character (i.e., a friend, classmate, teacher or celebrity) while the rest of the group guesses. Suggest this one at a teen party and everyone will be surprised by the amount of comedic talent in the room.

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13. Pun Intended

Wordsmiths will delight in this clever game, in which players split into teams and compete using fill-in-the-blank cards to make puns or steal them from other teams. The results range from witty (LOL) to painfully bad (SMH), but the entertainment value is high, regardless.

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14. Footsy Pop

Refreshingly simple and outrageously fun, Footsy Pop is a party game in which guests tie a balloon to their foot and then run around trying to pop one another’s while protecting their own. (And you thought you’d never see your teen get excited about a game of tag again.)

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15. PlingPlong

It’s every bit as fun as beer pong…but without the booze.

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16. Sleeping Beauty

One teen lies down and pretends to be asleep while the rest pull out all the stops to get the sleeping beauty to break character and crack a smile. (Hint: Poker faces and comedic skills will both be put to the test, since no touching is allowed.)

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17. Unstable Unicorns

This strategic game promises to “destroy your friendships but in a good way,” which may sound brutal but since teens live and breathe drama, it’s bound to be right up their alley. The goal of the game is to be the first person to collect seven Unicorns in your play area (aka your Stable). Magic, Instant, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards can help you get there…or be your downfall if another player uses them against you. (Whatever you do, beware the “Neigh!” card!)

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18. Blindfolded Makeup Artist

A slumber party shoo-in, this one involves splitting teens into two teams and appointing a blindfolded makeup artist and client (i.e., victim) from each. The rest of the members from both teams act as guides for the blindfolded makeup artist and the team with the best outcome wins. Spoiler: The results on both sides will be photo-worthy for all the wrong reasons.

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19. Throw Throw Burrito

Dodgeball meets cards in this fun game for two to six players where the goal is to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while avoiding the onslaught of squishy burritos coming your way. Let your teens work up an appetite playing this raucous game, then serve ‘em some real burritos afterwards.

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20. Medusa

Staring contest meets death match in this one. To play, have teens gather around in a circle with their heads down. Players will then lift their heads on “Go” and any two players who accidentally make eye contact must announce their demise with a shriek, before dying a very dramatic death until only one (winning) pair remains. Needless to say, the antics are mighty entertaining.

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21. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

A selfie scavenger hunt is just like a regular one, except instead of bringing anything back to homebase, teens must take pictures of themselves with certain objects or at specified locations. The more ground the group has to cover, the better the hunt—but either way, this is a decidedly teen-friendly twist on a tried-and-true activity.

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