Olivia Munn Reveals the One Thing That Gets Her Newborn Son to ‘Chill Out’ for a Nap

Getting a newborn baby to chill out and fall asleep is often a challenge, but throwing jet lag into the mix takes things to a whole other level. Just ask Olivia Munn. The actress and new mom was recently in New York City to support her partner and father to 3-month-old Malcolm, John Mulaney, as he hosted SNL for his fifth time. And while she may have adjusted to the time difference fairly easily upon landing back in California, baby Malcolm was, unfortunately, still on east coast time, leading Munn to get creative in finding ways to help her son get back on his routine.

In a video posted to Instagram, Munn slowly walks her son in his stroller back and forth around her backyard, revealing “it’s the only way he’ll settle down and chill out.” And because she wants to avoid getting the sun in baby Malcolm’s eyes, “we’re relegated to this section of the backyard,” this section being a small strip of shady concrete next to the wall of a raised garden. Oh the things parents will do all in the name of getting some peace and quiet.

Munn also appears to have a white noise machine laying in Malcolm’s stroller with him. It’s very likely the Baby Shusher ($35), which recreates the sound of a person shushing over and over again so parents don’t have to strain their vocal chords in order to get their little one to relax.

Malcolm is both Munn and Mulaney’s first child, meaning the past few months (and the years to come) have likely been filled with similar moments of learning what weird parenting hacks work best for their little boy. Here’s hoping he soon accepts other pre-nap activities that perhaps give mom a chance to sit down or enjoy a little TV or a book or a nap of her own rather than pacing along a narrow strip of backyard. Fingers crossed for you, Olivia!



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