Jumper's No-Contact Forehead Thermometer Is Now 65 Percent Off

amazon prime day jumper forehead thermometer

Thermometers—like Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer—have always been useful to have around, but in 2020, they have become a necessity. With fever as one of the telltale symptoms of the coronavirus, a thermometer is the easiest way to monitor everyone's temperatures at home. 

And while in-ear or oral thermometers are great, a no-touch thermometer is especially appealing now, as they are easier to clean (a quick swipe from an alcohol wipe will do) and they take the struggle out of trying to get a wriggling child to sit still while you take their temperature.  

If you've been meaning to buy a no-touch thermometer, consider this highly-rated one from Jumper. It's currently on sale for 20 bucks courtesy of Amazon Prime Day and it's super easy to use. Just point the sensor to the center of your forehead, making sure it's about ½- to 2-inches away. Press down on the measure button (conveniently marked with an "M") and the temperature will be displayed on the screen.

It's lightweight, consistently accurate, and has a large, backlit display, as well as, a memory log that stores up to 20 previous readings, so you can track any changes in your body temperature. Each reading only takes a second and you can quickly toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing down the clearly marked C/F button. Oh, and there's also a silent mode, which is extremely helpful for taking temps on a sleeping baby. 

Get one now and maybe nab one for your friends or fam while you're at it?

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