These Virtual Playdates Teach Your Kids Sign Language (and Double as a Dance Party)

Since my daughter has been out of daycare, I've been trying to keep up with the sign language her teachers had been practicing with her. But, if I'm being totally honest, I feel like I'm failing miserably. I've tried playing YouTube videos of toddler-friendly signs and songs, but most of the time, I'm hitting pause every three seconds to try to learn the motions myself, and before long, I just want to give up and go back to Elmo's World. I love Elmo, but I'm not ready to admit defeat, so I've been searching for an alternative that I can keep up with—and, friends, I finally found it.

Juliette & Ella's Playdate is a New York-based music and dance class that incorporates American Sign Language. In light of COVID-19, the company has brought its classes online, and through our partnership with Union Square Play, they've agreed to share a class with us. Check out the video above for a 30-minute dance party that will keep the under-five set jumping (or getting as close to jumping as the littlest ones can muster). Signs are introduced throughout the songs, and they're repeated often enough that I didn't have to keep lunging for the pause button to figure out each motion. Plus, days afterward, the signs have stuck—my daughter and I have new ways to communicate, and I can feel like I'm staying on top of at least one aspect of her education as I work-while-caregiving. (Teaching colors by sorting and snacking on M&M's is totally acceptable too...right?)

For even more fun ways to entertain and educate your kids, check out Union Square Play. The children's club is uploading new videos and craft projects daily, including fresh episodes of Juliette & Ella's Playdate, if this episode has left you wanting more.

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