If Your Kid Can’t Sit Still for 5 Minutes, You Need to Try Superhero Yoga

Some kids get into yoga right away: Happy baby, downward dog, tree pose—they’re here for all of it. And some like it in theory…until they catch a glimpse of a butterfly out the window or notice their favorite toy on the floor nearby. Suddenly, your moment of zen is over, as they dash off to the next activity. Not so, when you’re doing Superhero Yoga.

Nicole Katz, founder of Yoga 216, came up with this creative take on the classic flow, helping kids burn off energy and find calm—all in 18 minutes flat. She designed the class, which she teaches alongside her daughter in the video above, after the CDC started recommending that people wear face masks outside. These masks may freak out small children, which is why she calls them “superhero masks” (since these days, our essential workers are the true superheroes out there—sorry, Iron Man). The routine can be done wearing one, helping to normalize the look.

Katz’s class includes fun freeze dances to get the wiggles out and lets you dabble in the Dark Side, with some “Darth Vader breathing” that will both calm you and get the kids to crack a smile. Katz gives fun, clear directions that makes it easy for preschoolers—and adults totally new to yoga—to follow along.

For even more creative ideas, check out Union Square Play. The New York-based children’s club is offering new activities, articles and videos every day to help families out as we stay at home.

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