50 Italian Boy Names for Your Precious Bambino

Whether you hail from the land of pizza and pasta yourself or simply have a deep love for the culture, Italian baby names are an excellent choice. Here are 50 of our favorite Italian boy names that are perfect for your little bambino.

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1. Silvio

The name may mean “silver,” but he’s pure gold in your heart.

2. Andrea

This gender neutral Italian name has a not so gender neutral meaning of “manly” and “virile.”

3. Giorgio

This popular Italian boy name has a humble meaning of “farmer,” but decidedly fancier ties to a certain high-end fashion designer. (Armani, anyone?)

4. Francesco

Here, a masculine name meaning “free man” that’s as fun to say as your little one is to play with.

5. Salvatore

Salvatore, or Sal for short, is a sophisticated sounding boy name with a religious meaning of “savior.”

6. Frederico

Equal parts sweet and strong—Frederico means “peaceful ruler.”

7. Dominico

Come all ye faithful: This Italian boy's name means “lord.”

8. Raphael

Raphael, an Italian riff on a Hebrew name meaning “God has healed,” is a winning moniker with artsy vibes. (Bonus points if you can schedule playdates with Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello.)

9. Gianni

This one means “God is gracious,” but we think it’s a perfect fit for a mini Versace.

10. Vito

Meaning “victory.” Not to be confused with vino, meaning “mommy’s favorite beverage.”

11. Giuseppe

Aka Joseph aka Joey aka “How you doin’?”

12. Stefano

Stephen? Steven? Been there, done that. Bring Stefano stateside for a moniker with the same meaning of “garland” and “crown,” plus a decidedly fresh sound.

13. Luigi

Meaning “brother of Mario.” Only joking, the name really means “famous warrior.”

14. Giacomo

Jacob (Hebrew) and James (English) are great…but Giacomo, an Italian twist on the biblical moniker meaning “God protects,” boasts extra cosmopolitan flair.

15. Leonardo

Here, a name with a strong meaning (“brave as a lion”) and quite a bit of star power behind it (DiCaprio and da Vinci come to mind).

16. Fabiano

This masculine name of Latin origin has a humble meaning of “bean grower.”

17. Matteo

Sometimes spelled Mateo—this soft and melodic name, the Italian version of Matthew, means “gift from God.”

18. Luca

Luca is a short, gender neutral name with a meaning that’s just right for your bundle of joy: “Bringer of light.” (Seriously, you’re about to see a lot of sunrises.)

19. Alessandro

An Italian variant of Alexander, this one has a soft, romantic sound and a strong meaning of “defender of the people.”

20. Carlo

If you’re looking for something short and sweet, this two syllable moniker meaning “free man” fits the bill.

21. Enzo

Sometimes used as a shortened version of Lorenzo, Enzo is a name in its own right with ties to the name Henry and a similar meaning of “prince of home” or “home ruler.”

22. Marco

The Italian version of Mark has a more pleasant ring to it and the same powerful meaning of “warlike.”

23. Paulo

Fun to say and undeniably charming, this sweet moniker (pronounced POW-lo) means “small” and “humble.”

24. Rocco

We get too-cool-for-school vibes from this Italian boy’s name meaning “rest” and “repose.”

25. Aldo

This name meaning “old and noble” has German origins, but it’s a popular choice throughout Italy nevertheless.

26. Ricardo

This name has Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese origins, a promising meaning of “powerful leader,” plus ties to a favorite character from the beloved TV show “I Love Lucy.” (Ricky Ricardo, duh.)

27. Romeo

Needless to say, Shakespeare turned this Italian name into a swoon worthy symbol of romance. Its real meaning, “pilgrim to Rome,” is a bit lackluster by comparison.

28. Adriano

The Italian version of Adrian has a melodic sound and the same straightforward meaning of “from Adria.”

29. Alfonso

Serious, goofy, cool in a Fonzie kind of way (aaaay)...we’ll let you be the judge, but this name of Spanish origin means “ready for battle.”

30. Dante

Aside from being the name of Italian writer Dante Alighieri (of Inferno fame), this soft and vibrant moniker has artsy vibes and a solid meaning of “steadfast and enduring.”

31. Emiliano

Or Emilio if you prefer a shorter version. This name has Spanish roots and a positive, energetic meaning of “eager.”

32. Gino

Gino is an Italian classic (think: owner of your local red sauce joint) with multiple meanings, including “noble,” “well-born,” “earth worker” and “ever-living.”

33. Gerardo

This timeless name of Spanish origin has a manly vibe that’s in keeping with its meaning of “brave” and “strong with the spear.”

34. Antonio

Another timeless classic of Italian origin—Antonio boasts plenty of Euro appeal and a meaning of “priceless” and “flower.”

35. Elio

This vowel-heavy Italian name is a cheery and spirited pick that means “sun.”

36. Lorenzo

Popular in both Italy and Spain, this elegant moniker and artsy vibe and a meaning of “wise,” “strong” and “victorious.”

37. Orlando

Hollywood stud Orlando Bloom’s given name has Italian origins and a fitting meaning of “famed throughout the land.”

38. Luciano

This Italian name has some unfortunate mobster ties (i.e., Lucky Luciano), but its meaning of “shining light” is positively radiant.

39. Bosco

Bosco is an Italian name with a topographical meaning that refers to someone who lives or works in the woods.

40. Marcello

This name of Latin origin—derived from the name of Mars, the Roman god of war—has a rich history and a meaning of “little warrior.”

41. Arturo

A Spanish and Italian variant of an Irish name—Arturo has a fierce meaning of “bear man.”

42. Cielo

This gender neutral name of Italian and Spanish origin has a beautiful, melodic sound and a meaning of “sky.”

43. Sergio

This refined name is just right for a particularly polished ragazzo; it means “servant,” “attendant” and “guardian.”

44. Nicolo

The Italian form of Nicholas has an oh-so energetic sound and the same meaning of “people of victory.” (A blessing for your family, perhaps?)

45. Fabrizio

Fabrizio is an occupational given name meaning “smith.” It’s well-suited to a hard worker—provided you can get past the fact that it sounds a bit like an air freshener or fabric softener.

46. Caro

In the romance languages, Caro is a gender neutral name that means “endearing” and “beloved.” We’re also fans of the moniker for its fresh and modern flavor.

47. Sansone

Romantic and polished, this Italian boy’s name has a soft sound and a bright, vibrant meaning of “sun.”

48. Brio

This gender neutral Italian name has a peppy sound to match its meaning of “vivacious” and “zest.” It might also be a predictor of your tot’s favorite toy.

49. Tomasso

Tomasso, tomato…let’s call the whole thing off. Just kidding—this one is actually the Italian form of (you guessed it) Thomas and has the same meaning of “twin.”

50. Aurelio

The meaning of this classic Italian name, “golden one,” will certainly strike a chord with doting parents.

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