The Essential Talk Parents-to-Be Should Have Before Bringing Home Baby

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After that anxious drive home from the hospital, everyone and their cousin will want a glimpse of that adorable newborn face. And we mean everyone. They all have good intentions, of course (except for aunt Linda, who keeps commenting on how big your baby's head is), but you wanted to bring your baby home—not to a hotel. 

That's why it's so important to come up with a plan of action beforehand (like at least a month before your due date). Here's how: Set aside one evening this week and decide on a clear policy for all post-baby visitors. Next, communicate your wishes (politely but firmly) to friends and family.

We're not saying you should turn down your mother-in-law’s offer to come over to cook and clean after you bring the baby home. We are saying that you should decide with your husband exactly how long she’s allowed to stay (one week, max). 

Personally, we’re fans of the three-day rule, but you could also decide to postpone visitors for a stress-free sip and see party instead. 

Whatever you decide, keep visits low-key. You'll barely have enough energy to make yourself a cup of coffee, let alone put on a breakfast spread for six. Delivery, anyone?  

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