This 3-Day Rule Will Save Your Marriage

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Your feng shui is on point and your fridge is always stocked with LaCroix, so of course, your old college roommate wants to crash with you when she’s in town next week. Oh, and your cousin the week after that. Not to mention your in-laws who are coming for the holidays next month. 

And while it’s fun to see everyone, it’s also...exhausting. You and your spouse will inevitably end up totally burned out after all that cooking, cleaning and entertaining (and your husband is seriously ticked off that he has to wear pants at home).

Here’s a fix we recently picked up from a very savvy pal: Only let guests stay with you for three days—no more. And make this rule very well known to all your friends and family so that there are no hurt feelings or surprises. Why three days? Because based on our highly scientific research (hosting friends every weekend for two months straight), this is the exact amount of time that allows you to be an impeccable host without losing your damn mind. It also nixes any “but your parents stayed with us for a week” bickering. But most importantly, it ensures you and your partner get some alone time in the week—essential for pair care (that’s self-care for couples). 

Worried about offending your guests? Don’t be—remember that you’re the one who’s doing them the favor. Just tell them in a way that’s casual yet firm (and not insulting). Try this: “We’re so excited that you’re coming and would love to host you. With so many visitors this year, we’ve enlisted a three-day stay rule for all our guests, so Friday to Monday works perfectly for us. Can’t wait!”

Honestly, they’ll probably appreciate your candor. (Just don’t be surprised if they do the same to you when it’s your turn to visit.)

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