A Sip and See Is the Brilliant New Way to Handle Newborn Visits

newborn baby at sip and see party

Congratulations—the newest (and cutest) member of your family is finally here. And after a few weeks of cuddling, you’re ready to introduce your baby to friends and family. But you might die if you have to schedule 27 individual visits. The easiest, most stress-free way to handle? By hosting a sip and see party. 

What is it? A sip and see is when friends and family drop by to meet (or “see”) your new bundle, while light refreshments are served (the “sip” part). New parents usually throw the party (three cheers for not having to leave the house) a few weeks to a few months after the baby comes home.

Wait, I don’t even have the energy to wash my hair, let alone prepare for a party. Relax. Sip and sees are casual and low-key. And since everyone is there to coo over the baby, no one will even notice that the beds haven’t been made in months.

Do people bring gifts? Sometimes. If you had a baby shower, then people may not bring another gift, but if you didn’t have a shower then they probably will. Either way, you definitely don’t have to open gifts in front of guests (phew). Simply set up a small table to the side where guests can leave them. 

How is it different from a baby shower? Many people choose to have a sip and see instead of the traditional baby shower, or some people do both—it’s totally up to you. A few key differences: Unlike a traditional shower, people tend to invite both men and women to a sip and see. And while a shower usually has a clear start and stop time, this is a more casual affair where guests can drop by anytime (within set visiting hours). But the best part? No games. (Because you know, having your nearest and dearest guess the size of your belly was so much fun and all). 

So, how do I host one? A sip and see is a chilled-out affair that’s all on your terms. Want a theme and formal invites? Go for it. Feel like shooting some friends a text message, serving beer and ordering pizza? Totally acceptable.

Why it’s genius: You can show off how freakin’ cute your little guy is and catch up with everyone in one fell swoop, instead of having to cope with weeks (and weeks) of unwanted visitors. Yep, you’re totally nailing this whole mom thing.

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