11 Father’s Day Gifts for Your Kids to Give Your Husband

Father’s Day is coming up quick, and as “gift coordinator,” you may need to give your kids a little assist when it comes to celebrating dad. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 11 father's day gift ideas from kids that are as clever as they are easy to pull off.

12 Father’s Day Activities That You Haven’t Thought Of

the father of all dad guides

1. “the Father Of All Dad Guides: From (a)doring To (z)addy”

Dad clichés are rampant, which is exactly why he’ll get a kick out of this humor-driven guide that identifies the different species of American fathers from A to Z. (Irksome characteristics, like a refusal to ask for directions, all included.)

glow in the dark flashlight

2. Glow-in-the-dark Frisbee

Because he’s the type of guy who has no qualms about skipping bedtime for a late-night game.

custom art minted

3. A Letterpress Version Of Your Child’s Masterpiece

OK, you’ll need to advance order this guy, but how special would it be to turn one of your kid’s original artworks into a frame-worthy print?

father s day photo book
Artifact Uprising

4. A “days With Dad” Photobook

All it takes is a quick camera roll scroll and—boom—a gift that’s thoughtful and nostalgic all in one.

toy story pjs
Hanna Andersson

5. Matching Pjs

Proof that matching family pajamas are for more than just holiday time.

the mighty

6. The Mighty

For the dad that treasures a trip to the gym or morning run, this iPod-esque audio player allows him to log off parenting duty (temporarily) and leave his phone at home.

recordable card1

7. A Recordable Card

Not only can the kids decorate it themselves, they can also record a personalized (and 10-second long) message that your partner can listen to on repeat and keep at his desk.

dyson task light

8. Lightcycle Task Lamp

This is more of a “from mom” splurge, but this LED lighting solution is the ultimate bedtime reading companion—and one that’s designed to reduce eye strain.

avengers legos

9. Avengers Lego Set

For the Marvel freak who’s extra young at heart.

pop and tot t shirts
Tosan Knows Best

10. Pop And Tot T-shirts

‘Cause they’re a duo, but they’ve got style, too.


11. Custom Photo Socks

Print ‘em with a pic of a dad, a pic of your kids or both. No matter what, they’ll look great peeking out of his pants at his next AM meeting.

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