The 10 Absolute Coolest Electric Cars for Kids

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Last week, your kid was obsessively counting and organizing her Hot Wheels. But this morning, you woke up and were told that toy cars are so pre-K. Now she wants the real deal: a lean, mean driving machine. We don’t blame you if you feel ambivalent about the upgrade—but seeing the huge smile on her face as she peels out of the driveway is hard to beat. Until she actually gets her license, here are the ten coolest electric cars for your little one.

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hauck e batmobile electric ride on

1. Hauck-e Batmobile Electric Ride-on Car

Your budding vigilante can stay busy busting bad guys in a superhero-themed cruiser. This Batmobile has an adjustable seat to grow with your child, and it can drive forward and backward (so if you have a small space, your kid can conceivably get his kicks just going back and forth until the battery dies.) Reviewers rave that it’s easy to assemble and durable to boot.

$200 on Amazon

peg perego john deere ground force tractor with trailer

2. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor With Trailer

If your kid loves construction and helping you with yard work, he’d probably prefer a tractor to a Ferrari. This puppy features a dual-speed function so he can vroom as fast as 4.5 miles per hour. But don’t be scared, mama: Parental controls provide the option to lock out the faster gear so you can make sure your child chugs along at just the right speed (and the flip-up armrests are basically begging for a slow-paced country roll).

$280 on Amazon

3. Best Choice Products 12v Ride-on Truck

This jeep wins all the points for most realistic ride-on car, and parents say that’s precisely why their kids love it. The behemoth boasts plenty of brawn and is primed for off-roading adventures, thanks to its traction wheels and spring suspension system. Safety first, though: This model also features an adjustable seat belt and hard-to-miss LED headlights. And did we mention the working radio?

4. Uenjoy Kids 6v Electric Ride-on Car

This cute and cost-effective (you know, relatively) car makes realistic engine sounds and has a honking horn. Like your own vehicle, this battery-operated bad boy has a gear shift, gas pedal and “highly simulated” steering wheel for the full driving experience. But don’t worry, you’re still the keeper of the keys: Parental remote controls allow you to double lock both doors and even steer if (or when) your kid’s lead foot and poor driving start to freak you out.

5. Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy kid themes: This Power Wheels design lives up to its name and packs a serious punch, reaching a speed of five miles per hour. It might not boast all the bells and whistles of other more realistic ride-ons, but you might find it comforting to see your toddler behind the wheel of something that looks like it was built for a kid.

best choice products bentley convertible 12v ride on1

6. Best Choice Products Bentley Convertible 12v Ride-on Car

If you can’t afford a Bentley, you can live vicariously through your child as she drives the stylish kiddie version. If the luxury aesthetic alone isn’t enough to sell you on this swank number, keep in mind that it also features a remote control for grown-up intervention and an auxiliary outlet so she can get “Baby Shark” out of her system before coming back into the house.

$160 on Amazon

7. Lil Rider Ride-on Toy Motorized Sports Car

With a max speed of 2.6 miles per hour, you can let your toddler take the wheel of this sporty little thing and still feel OK about it. But this car is far from boring. In fact, it has every detail you could conceive of to complete the driving experience: working headlights, a seat belt and sound effects galore.

8. Rollplay Chevy Silverado Ride-on Pickup Truck

Fit for heavy lifting, this pickup truck can carry an impressive 130 pounds of weight, so feel free to have your child invite her friends to ride along in the back. With two functioning doors, an opening tailgate (to tote more stuff around) and many more realistic details, this whip is a winner.

9. Best Choice Products Ride-on Lamborghini Sports Car

Ride-on cars don’t come much cooler than this startlingly realistic Lamborghini look-alike. The swing-up doors make a statement so your tot will be the talk of the town (er, driveway?) in this badass automobile. But rest assured, your kid can’t get too drunk on sports car speed and power—this Lamborghini maxes out at 3.7 miles per hour and comes equipped with parental controls. (Phew.)

moderno kids two seater ride on truck

10. Moderno Kids Two-seater Ride-on Truck

Sure, it’s a big-ticket item, but well worth the extra money if you want a truck that can carry two. It also boasts a maximum speed of six miles per hour, so thank goodness there are seat belts for two (eek!). In addition to the seat belts, it does a great job of taking safety into account: The “soft-start” accelerator and electric brake system are so similar to a real vehicle, your kindergartener will pretty much be ready to take his permit test (even if you won’t be ready until he’s 25).

$450 on Amazon

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