15 Great Indoor Games for Kids

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Every parent knows the pain of trying to pass the time whilst stuck inside with restless children. Fear not! There’s no need to brace yourself for hours of whining and bickering—just check out this list of great indoor games for kids (also known as “beloved boredom busters”) and breathe a giant sigh of relief.

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indoor games for kids dont rock the boat

1. don’t Rock The Boat Skill & Action Balancing Game

Best for ages 5 and up

This game requires kids to gingerly put pieces (the pirate crew) on the deck of a wobbly vessel without causing it to capsize. This balancing act is full of suspense and basically a precursor to the classic Jenga you know and love.

indoor games for kids wostoo indoor bowling set

2. wostoo Indoor Bowling Set

Best for ages 2 to 4

This toddler-friendly bowling set has an edge on similar products: Each clear bowling pin contains a different colorful toy to entertain your child, even before the game is under way. When it’s time for the main event, your little guy will get a pretty authentic experience too—the bowling ball is designed with finger holes so it looks like the real deal.

$20 at Amazon

indoor games for kids straw constructor stem building toy

3. straws Constructor Stem Building Toy

Best for ages 3 and up

Bid those building blocks adieu—they won’t be getting much action once your child starts making straw structures. This super creative STEM toy allows kids to construct just about anything using bendy, rainbow-colored plastic straws and simple connector pieces. And while it’s easy enough for a preschooler to do independently, it’s also engaging enough to satisfy a sixth grader.

indoor games for kids gotrovo

4. gotrovo Treasure/scavenger Hunt Game

Best for ages 3 to 10

Scavenger hunts are awesome...but decidedly less so if you’re the one who has to devise ’em. This brilliant game, which can be played solo or with a group, promises to banish boredom without adding to the adult workload. The activity comes with 100 clue cards and a ready-made map to keep kids busy hunting for treasure (while you treasure the time you just saved yourself).

indoor games for kids himal collapsible cornhole game

5. himal Collapsible Cornhole Game

Best for ages 2 and up

This activity is fun for anyone who can throw, and unlike that over-the-door basketball game, a bean bag toss is definitely not going to break your favorite vase (or all of your picture frames). This collapsible cornhole game is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination when playing solo, and older kids will enjoy competing for the highest score the next time a friend comes over.

indoor games for kids flower building toy set

6. flower Building Set

Best for ages 2 and up

The days might be short, but the wait for spring feels so long. Thankfully, this flower building set will make downtime a little less dreary. The brightly colored plastic pieces (shaped like petals, stems and leaves) can be connected to grow a truly impressive indoor garden, and building the infinite combinations is weirdly satisfying even for adults.

indoor games for kids sequence

7. sequence For Kids

Best for ages 3 to 6

This strategy game takes at least two to play, but it’s simple enough for the pre-K crowd to master. Children draw a card from the deck and move one of their game pieces to a corresponding character on the board. Essentially a more visually appealing version of tic-tac-toe, the objective is to get four pieces in a row (and to foil your friend’s attempts to do so first.)

indoor games for kids active mvp rechargeable hover soccer set

8. active Mvp Rechargeable Hover Soccer Set

Best for ages 3 to 12

It might look like an oversized hockey puck, but this high-tech gadget works just like a soccer ball should, only better. Designed for indoor use, this hover ball glides across surfaces and poses no threat to floors, furniture or your child’s feet. Your active youngster can kick the ball around solo or use the two included goals to play a real game of soccer with friends. Best of all, this hover ball doesn’t take batteries, so you won’t have to swipe any from the TV remote.

indoor games for kids spot it

9. spot It (matching Game)

Best for ages 4 and up

This card game is compact, simple and an amazing mental workout. Each card has an assortment of symbols, and your child’s job is to pick two cards and identify the symbol that is present on both. There is always one matching symbol, but it can be surprisingly hard to spot! Fun and challenging, this card game will keep your kiddo occupied as he hones his visual perception skills.

$8 at Amazon

indoor games for kids alex toys active monkey balance board

10. alex Toys Active Monkey Balance Board

Best for ages 3 to 7

Give your kiddo’s core a workout with this balance board, which was featured as a “mom-tested pick” in Parenting magazine. The Monkey Board by Alex Toys is straightforward fun and a reliable source of entertainment on a rainy day. It’s also great for gross motor skill development.

indoor games for kids fat brain toys door pong active play

11. fat Brain Toys Door Pong Active Play

Best for ages 6 and up

This innovative take on Ping-Pong was actually created by a kid. Yup, the winner of the 2017 Kidventor contest came up with this and it’s pretty cool. Attach a clamp fitted with a Ping-Pong ball on an adjustable elastic string to your doorframe, then hand your kid a paddle and watch him enjoy hours of Ping-Pong with a friend...or with the door.

indoor games for kids click n play foam pogo jumper

12. click ‘n Play Foam Pogo Jumper

Best for ages 3 and up

If your child doesn’t think jumping in place sounds so great, this number will likely change her mind. The Pogo Jumper was designed with safety in mind, so instead of hard plastic and a metal spring, it features a soft foam base and smooth bungee cord. We think it’s a perfect way to get your preschooler’s heart rate up without raising your blood pressure.

indoor games for kids fat brain toys ribbon ninja game

13. fat Brain Toys Ribbon Ninja Game

Best for ages 6 to 10

Kids of all ages love this fast-paced, physical game that combines the thrill of theft and the energy of good old-fashioned tag. So how does it work? Each player gets a wristband with three ribbons attached to it that they must protect while trying to collect the other players’ ribbons. The appeal is pretty obvious, and it’s great to watch your kids grab things from each other without a sibling squabble ensuing. Stealthy ninja action at its best.

indoor games for kids skip jump rope swing ball game

14. skip Jump Rope Swing Ball Game

Best for ages 4 and up

It might look like a ball and chain, but this swing ball game is actually a great way to get your kid moving when winter starts to feel like a prolonged period of house arrest. When your child slips this onto his ankle he’ll have a lot of fun exercising (and it might be kind of funny to watch too).

$15 at Amazon

indoor games for kids bop it

15. bop It!

Best for ages 6 and up

Yup, they still exist and they make your offspring follow directions better than you ever could. Don’t resent it, just bop it! This Hasbro classic issues various commands that require varying degrees of physical coordination, and once your child gets into a rhythm, it picks up the pace. This product is tagged as an “electronic game,” but don’t be fooled—we’re pretty sure it earned that description when it made its debut roughly two decades ago.

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