13 Best Dog Jackets for Winter Because Even the Biggest Furballs Need to Stay Warm

A collage of a number of dogs all wearing various styles of winter coats. Some are colorful and others are patterned.

As soon as you’re done dressing up your dog for Halloween, it’s time to bring out the winterwear! You don’t want your furry family member to freeze as November and December roll around. Yes, most dogs have thick coats keeping them warm during winter months, but sometimes even Alaskan Malamutes can use extra protection from the elements. The best dog jackets for winter are functional, versatile and easy to clean. Some even have human versions so you can match your dog every time you two head out for doggie and me walk. (The world is a runway afterall.)  

What to Look for in Dog Jackets

First and foremost, you want your dog to be comfortable in clothing. Not all canines will go for it. If your dog is into it, you’ll have to measure him. Grab a soft measuring tape and take measurements for:

  • Neck circumference
  • Chest (measure at the widest part of the rib cage, threading the measuring tape under their armpits)
  • Length (from the base of the tail to where their neck meets their shoulder blades)

Take measurements while your dog is standing! These measurements will help determine the best size jackets for your pup.

Once the coat is on, you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog and tight spots, like at the neck and the armpits (if the coat has sleeves).

Next, consider the weather conditions your dog will go through. Does it snow all winter? Or is it more of a rainy season? Maybe it’s just chilly and dry! Whatever your climate, choose coats suited for the environment. You don’t want your dog to overheat or come home sopping wet.

Three dogs, one white and brown, one white and black, and the last caramel color, are placed on a white background. Each is wearing a puffer coat, blue, red, and green, respectively. They all have rainbow leashes.

It makes sense that Primary, who had 3,000 people on a waiting list last year for their kids puffer jackets, would make great pet gear, too. Their colorful pet version has an adorable snap-on hood and easy Velcro closures. Colors like tangerine and cherry will make your dog stand out on dreary winter days—and keep them visible in the dog park! Not only can you buy a matching puffer for yourself, but you can also get 20 percent off first order. Plus, pet puffers are made with 100 percent recycled polyester and are windproof, water-repellent and machine washable. But are favorite thing? You can match your pup with your own puffer in the same color!

A small brown French bulldog wears a green plaid coat. Behind it, another dog, brown and fluffy, has on a black winter coat.

Keep your dog warm this winter without spending a fortune with this reversible vest from Kuoser. The quilted polyester solid color side is waterproof; the cotton plaid side is super cozy. Wearing either way protects dogs from wind, rain and cold temperatures. We love the price point, the color variety and the fact that Kuoser gives us seven sizes to choose from.

A brown and white dog wears an off-white Mountain Pile fleece coat. A woman to the right of the dog wears a matching off-white fleece jacket.
L.L. Bean

Best Doggy and Me Style

3. L.L. Bean Mountain Pile Fleece

L.L. Bean

The best-selling Mountain Pile Fleece for humans was apparently so popular—and so cozy— the company designed one for dogs! Made from intensely cozy and warm sherpa fleece, one verified reviewer commented, “My 11-pound chihuahua mix looks absolutely adorable in this little jacket that keeps her warm and dry.” Got a big dog at home? This fleece comes in sizes small to extra-large. In fact, another reviewer wrote how the XL fit her 40-pound pit mix perfectly.

A small brown and white dog sits facing away from the camera, but looking back over its shoulder. It's wearing a blue winter coat with a silver reflective strip and a brown fur hood.
Lands’ End

Best Dual-Layer Shell and Fleece

4. Lands’ End Winter Expedition Jacket

Lands’ End

Get you a jacket that does both! On one hand, the water-resistant outer shell keeps your pup dry and the inside layer of fleece traps in heat to keep him warm. And even though this coat has lots of positives—super handy adjustable neck and body straps, snap-closure pocket on back (to keep extra poop bags!)—it’s the faux fur collar that had us hello. (Don’t worry, it’s machine washable.)

A German shepherd sits facing away from the camera, but looks back over its shoulder. It's wearing a yellow and silver reflexive coat from Lands' End.
Lands’ End

Best Reflexive

5. Lands’ End Reflexive Dog Vest

Lands’ End

We all know the deal: colder days, longer nights. Don’t risk walking Milo after the sun sets without taking precautions. Let drivers know Milo’s getting his P.M. steps in with this vest with reflexive paneling. It’s also wind- and water-resistant, so when temps get brisk, it will definitely help keep your pup warm, and you can even size up to layer it over another coat to keep him extra toasty. It pays to be safe out there, people. (And this time you save a lot because it’s on sale!)

A red poodle wears a pink quilted jacket by Maxbone. Behind the dog, a woman poses for the camera in a similar colored outfit holding a small grey dog in her lap.

Best for On-the-Go

6. Eco Packable Jacket by Maxbone


This puffer vest from Maxbone is ideal for traveling pups or long days. If you head out while it’s warm and know the temp will drop when the sun goes down, grab this Eco Packable Jacket. You can zip it up into a convenient carrying pouch. Note: The fit is looser for dogs who like extra wiggle room. Terri Rockovich, Co-Founder of Jinx, loves Maxbone for their doggy outerwear. “We have some chilly evenings in Los Angeles where I wrap my guys in puffers if we are going to take more than a ten-minute walk,” she says. Ideal for late night desert strolls!

A small grey dog stands looking at the camera and wears a black and gray Helios winter coat.

Best for Outdoor Excursions

7. Dog Helios Full-Bodied Adjustable Dog Jacket

Dog Helios

This incredibly durable, machine-washable, adjustable and reflective jacket is ideal for dogs who accompany their families on camping trips or hikes. Honestly, this is a great choice for dogs just taking a stroll in a harsher climate! Breathable fleece keeps dogs warm and the covered zipper on top prevents cold air or rain from sneaking in. There’s a small hole for leashes and reflective lining to ensure safety when visibility is low.

A golden retriever sits facing sideways in a bright yellow raincoat with reflective silver stripes.

Best Raincoat

8. HDE Hooded Dog Raincoat


If winter means lots of rain where you live, your dog will thank you for a hooded raincoat. Choose from 19 different colors and patterns (including clear!) and four sizes. An adjustable strap secures quickly with Velcro over the ribcage to ensure a snug fit. It’s lightweight, easy to pack and has reflective strips to protect your dog in low light. Bonus points if you can get your dog to wear the hood.

A small speckled gray dog sits in some grass in a brown Carhartt jackets with a dark brown collar.

Best for Working Dogs

9. Carhartt Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat


Whether or not you have a working dog breed, you may have a dog who helps you out with everything from shoveling the driveway to hunting at the cabin. Carhartt, a company that’s been making durable gear for the rugged outdoors since before our grandparents were born, now makes dog coats. Crafted with 100 percent ring spun cotton, water-repellent coating, a quilted nylon interior and corduroy trim, this outerwear will stand up to the elements. And hey, it’s also got pockets!

A flat lay of a heather gray fleece jacket for dogs by Wilderdog.

Best Fleece

10. Wilderdog Fleece Dog Jacket


Milder winter days call for a heat-trapping, soft-as-can-be fleece jacket. This one, from Wilderdog, is quick-drying and offers extra warmth and protection with an adjustable neck gator feature. This jacket clips into place and also has adjustable hind leg loops. Choose from berry, grey or olive—and be sure to wash on the gentle cycle.

A flat lay of a reversible Pendelton dog coat. This side features multicolor stripes.

Best Reversible

11. Pendleton Reversible Dog Coat


Whether your dog changes his mind about style frequently or you want something more versatile, the Acadia Reversible Dog Coat from beloved outdoor brand Pendleton gets the job done. One side is black, cotton, quilted canvas and the other is striped fleece (inspired by Acadia National Park). Reviewers note this coat runs a little big, so try sizing down.

A chocolate Labrador Retriever stands smiling at something off screen. It's wearing a large gray winter coat from Funny Fuzzy.
Funny Fuzzy

Calling everyone who experiences blizzards every winter! This doggy snowsuit is for you—well, your dog. It’s got everything—an adjustable neck covering, harness and leash holes, highly reflective material, waterproof coating, UV protection and coverage down all four legs. Did we mention machine washable? This coat is 100 percent polyester and super comfy (one reviewer says her dog likes to sleep in it). Funny Fuzzy recommends sizing up.

A small brown toy poodle wears a navy fleece jacket with white and navy striped sleeves.
Laēlap New York

Cutest Splurge

13. Tobi Fleece Varsity Jacket by laēlap New York

Laēlap New York

It’s a varsity jacket for dogs. Of course it’s cute! Made from upcycled fabric scraps (laēlap is all about sustainability), this cozy number is lined with faux fur and has cotton sleeves with lots of give. Snaps make putting on and taking off a cinch. It comes in lavender or navy and five sizes, and it's washing-machine safe!

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