29 Doggy-and-Me Matching Halloween Costumes from Amazon Because You’re Already in This Deep

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Look, there’s no use denying it anymore. You’re obsessed with your dog and aren’t ashamed to be seen in matching Halloween costumes with her this year. Accept it! Then, get creative. Because Halloween will be here before you know it, and Amazon has costumes a-plenty. Here are some ideas that are pretty great, if we do say so ourselves.

The 8 Laziest Dog Breeds

dog and human costume darth jedi

1. jedi Master And Darth Vader

Star Wars fans will be pleased to know there are countless costume combos from their favorite films. Feeling like battling it out with your pup on Halloween night? Go for Vader and his arch nemesis/mentor, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Buy it: Darth Vader ($40)

dog and human costume jedi stormtrooper

2. dog Vader And Stormtrooper

Do you feel like your dog is really the one calling all the shots? Maybe let her wear the Vader costume and you can go as her Stormtrooper underling.

Buy it: Stormtrooper ($50)

dog and human costume darth han solo

3. han Solo And Chewbacca

If the dark side isn’t your thing, even on the spookiest night of the year, go full on rebel (the good guys) with this iconic pairing.

Buy it: Han Solo ($32 - $64)

dog and human costume trekkies

4. trekkies

For those of you who only have eyes for Star Trek, go for a Next Generation bodysuit and the cutest Captain Kirk you’ll ever meet.

  Buy it: Human trek ($22 - $57)

dog and human costumes good vs evil

5. good Vs. Evil

If your dog is typically the one getting into mischief, switch it up for a night. Allow the little devil to at least look like an innocent party for once.

Buy it: Devil ($18)

dog and human costumes harry potter

6. gryffindors

Let your dog be Harry Potter (those glasses!) while you become your favorite Gryffindor. And be sure to practice your “Expecto Patronum” delivery before venturing out into the night. 

Buy it: Harry Potter Robe ($34)

dog and human costumes little mermaid

7. ariel And Sebastian

Under the sea, in Prince Eric’s castle, at a Halloween party—wherever you are, these matching ensembles go together swimmingly.

Buy it: Ariel ($50 - $86)

dog and human costumes bee beekeeper

8. bee And Beekeeper

Oh honey, this is too sweet. People will be buzzing about this hilarious idea. Maybe give out Bit O Honey candies to trick-or-treaters?

Buy it: Beekeeper ($18 - $34)

dog and human costumes scooby doo

9. scooby Doo Crew

Depending on your style, go as Daphne or Velma and dress your dog up as the Mystery Machine…which ends up kind of making her Scooby-Doo, too, right?

Buy it: Daphne ($25)

dog and human costumes ghostbusters

10. ghostbusters

Your dog already slobbers on everything, so embrace it and let her be Slimer this year! You can clean up after her, which is more of a trick than a treat.

Buy it: Ghostbuster ($60)

dog and human costumes baby shark

11. baby Shark

Do do, do do do do do, Mommy Shark, do do, do do do do do! We had to.

Buy it: Mommy Shark ($90)

dog and human costumes beetlejuice

12. beetlejuice And Lydia

Any chance to put your dog in a wig is a chance to go above and beyond with the entire look. Get creepy!

Buy it: Lydia ($34 - $56)

dog and human costumes rainbow brite

13. rainbow Brite

Or, go full on magical and colorful and retro this year!

Buy it: Rainbow Brite ($65 - $80)

dog and human costumes westworld

14. westworld

Channel Dolores from HBO’s Westworld with a cuddly sheriff by your side.

Buy it: Dolores ($53)

dog and human costumes toy story

15. jessie And Buzz

An alternative Western motif. Giddy up and git ready to have a wild time on Halloween as a pair who is truly out of this world.

Buy it: Jessie ($32 - $62)

dog and human costumes bo peep sheep

16. bo Peep And Sheep

As long and your little sheep(dog) gets herded home, you’re all good.

Buy it: Bo Peep ($80)

dog and human costumes game of thrones

17. the Dragon Queen And Drogon

Name a more terrifying pair. We’ll wait.

Buy it: Khaleesi ($65)

dog and human costumes grease

18. sandy And Danny

For dogs and their owners who go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!

Buy it: Pink Ladies Jacket ($47)

dog and human costumes black panther

19. black Panther And Dora Milaje

Wakanda forever, and puppy love forever (though convincing your dog to dress up like a feline might take some time).

Buy it: Dora Milaje ($27 - $64)

dog and human costumes batman

20. batwoman And Robin

Capes are very in right now and October gets cold, so if comfort is your thing, wear this Batwoman cape with your trusty sidekick close behind.

Buy it: Batwoman ($25)

dog and human costumes taco

21. taco And Hot Sauce

There are tons of food-related costumes worth exploring. We like this taco costume best because the lettuce sparkles.

Buy it: Salsa ($29 - $49)

dog and human costumes avocado toast

22. avocado Toast

I mean, why not dress up like your favorite menu item? (Plus, the dog’s costume says “I want to avocuddle” on it, which is too good to pass up.)

Buy it: Toast ($45)

dog and human costumes breakfast

23. breakfast

More of an acai bowl and latte person? Amazon has got you covered.

Buy it: Acai Bowl ($45)

dog and human costumes hot dog condiments

24. condiments And Hot Dog

This works well if you’re one half of a couple and need something to incorporate all three of you. Also, there’s nothing cuter than a hot

Buy it: Condiments ($35)

dog and human costumes christmas story

25. ‘a Christmas Story’

Halloween is technically the holiday season, yes? Good. Go as your favorite Christmas movie. If people don’t get it, they’re missing out.

Buy it: Leg Lamp ($38)

dog and human costumes stranger things

26. eleven And Waffles

Stranger Things is the perfect show to binge on Halloween and the perfect place to get costume inspiration.

Buy it: Eleven ($27 - $53)

dog and human costumes cats

27. cats

The ultimate disguise: Cat People. Oh my!

Buy it: Tiger ($23)

dog and human costumes dorothy toto

28. dorothy And Toto

If your dog refuses to put on a costume, don a Dorothy outfit and everyone will call your pup Toto for the night, no questions asked. (Though a flying monkey costume does exist if you can persuade Lola to wear it.)

dog and human costumes skeletons

29. skeletons

If you refuse to put on a costume but your dog is really into it, these skeleton shirts will do the trick (or treat).

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