I Moved My Cats 1,300 Miles Across the Country and This Diggs Pet Carrier Was a Godsend

It’s the Rolls-Royce of pet carriers.

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TOTAL: 93/100

Fact: Nothing is less fun than moving two cats 1,300 miles by car. Having made the trek from Muskegon, Michigan, to New Port Richey, Florida, this winter, I can confirm that the meowing, puking and yes, even misdirected peeing is not something that I (nor my two felines), wish to do again anytime soon. However, thanks to some careful planning and product preparation, I can also say it’s a fact that things could have been worse—much worse. In addition to lining the back of our rented Chevy Suburban with a mattress topper, blankets and pillows galore, we tossed our old, junky pet carrier in favor of a shiny new Diggs pet carrier (from $185), which eased a whole lot of stress.

What Is the Diggs Pet Carrier?

The Diggs passenger travel pet carrier is a state-of-the-art, soft-shell carrier for dogs and cats up to 18 pounds. According to the company, it’s the first of its kind to be designed with pet accidents in mind. It also meets most airline requirements for carry-on pet travel, though Diggs recommends checking with your individual airline before your trip to ensure this point.

The Good

From the moment I took this little beauty out of the packaging, I was thoroughly impressed: This thing is luxe. So luxe, I’d say it’s nicer than half of my purse collection! Every detail has been designed with function in mind, from the padded shoulder strap that’s actually comfortable (all the better to carry your precious cargo) to the attached key clip (because in an emergency, there’s no time to worry about dropping them).

More importantly, it has your furry friend’s total comfort and safety in mind. The top zips open for a quick peekaboo and a pet if they’re feeling anxious. There’s also a custom seat belt and buckle straps attached, which earned the company the highest safety score available when tested by the Center for Pet Safety.

The inside of the carrier is no less fancy. In addition to the built-in padded bottom, which one of our cats actually sought out mid-ride, it’s also designed to perfectly fit the brand’s pee pads ($18) in case of an accident. I can’t fully speak to this aspect: I removed the included set prior to our departure, as cats don’t tend to use pee pads (or at least, ours don’t). I sorely regretted that decision right around the time our smaller nugget chose to use her cat bed as a bathroom to avoid getting too close to our other cat, who had parked himself near the litter box we had set up for them.

While I’m not convinced the pads would have actually worked the way they were intended had I kept them in the carrier (there’s not really enough space for an animal to comfortably do their business on them, particularly if the animal is on the larger side), I still think it’s a nice option to have as a backup in the case of a very scared, sick or elderly animal who might not be able to control themselves.

My favorite feature of the carrier, however, was simply the mesh material used for the openings at the top, front and sides. One of our cats hates being in a carrier so much, he repeatedly bangs his head against the metal doors of other models. While he still attempted to headbutt this one, he found a much softer landing against its mesh top. My boyfriend was worried that he might tear it, but the material remained steadfast and sturdy in the face of his wildest antics.

What’s more, had he busted through, Diggs was one step ahead: There's a collar tether clip for stationary use that would have kept him from running amok in the car before we were ready to have him do so.

Diggs pet carrier review: A cat peeks out the top of a pet carrier

The Bad

First, let’s tackle the obvious: $185 is a lot of money for a pet carrier. But prior to trying this one out, I schlepped my cheap, flimsy little Petco one around for roughly ten-plus years. It’s not something you regularly buy, but is something you use frequently. If this one lasts you for the next ten years or more, that’s roughly $20 per year, which I think is totally worth the cost.

That said, I do wish the limited one-year warranty period, which applies to customers who buy directly from Diggs, was a little longer, showing the company stood by its products.

Apart from that, the side pockets, which have the potential to be extremely useful, are a little too narrow and shallow. I would love these to be a little deeper to carry medications from the vet, small toys for short trips and the like.

Last but not least, while the 20 inch by 10.8 inch by 11.5 inch carrier was suitable for my 8- and 17-pound cats (the latter was actually a rather tight fit), I’d love to see a broader size range available. The company does offer an inflatable Enventer travel carrier for larger breeds, but there's not a whole lot for in-between: It would be great to see the passenger option in a slightly bigger size.

The Bottom Line

The Diggs pet carrier is the ultimate in quiet pet luxury (eat your heart out, Shiv Roy). It looks great, it feels great on your shoulder (even with a 17-pound cat in tow) and it’s truly built with use—both for the owner and the pet—in mind. While I would change a few things, like the price and the size range, overall, it’s a solid recommendation that will blow your old plastic Petco carrier away.

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