Um, You Can Now Create Custom Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Dog, and We Need Them ASAP

cuddle clones custom dog slippers

Your cockapoo is your everything. You don’t think twice about spending a small fortune on her favorite doggie chews and can totally relate when new parents talk about the troubles of potty training (she’s basically your child). And now, there’s a creative new way to show your pooch how much you care. 

Thanks to Cuddle Clones, you can now customize a pair of slippers to look exactly like your lovable pup (or cat). 

Not convinced that anyone can perfectly capture Bailey’s adorable snout and fluffy ears? The company guarantees 100 percent satisfaction or your money back. 

The slippers don’t come cheap—they’re $199—but can you really put a price on love? Each pair takes about eight weeks to create—and BRB, we have some shopping to do. 

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