Dog Flower Crowns Are a Thing, Because Coachella Is Coming

She may not be romping in the mud and wearing booty shorts with Kendall Jenner while listening to Lana del Rey (yet), but your dog just got *this much* closer to becoming the queen of Coachella. Introducing dog flower crowns from BarkShop.

Just look at the joy on that pup’s face! She’s stopping to sniff the roses! She’s ready for her Instagram closeup! She’s—is she peeing on your shoe?

Anyway, these flower crowns are entirely plush, so as long as your dog doesn’t shred hers to pieces upon first sight, it will last forever. It’s got a velcro closure and elastic headband for easy wearing and removal, and comes in two sizes: small (with a four-inch diameter) and large (with a six-inch diameter).

The part your pet will actually love? It’s filled with the same crinkly material as her other stuffed toys. You know, the plastic-y stuff that makes it oh-so-appealing to rip the fabric to bits on your living room carpet. Fun for hours—er, minutes, more likely.

Strangely, the flower crown isn’t readily available in BarkShop’s online store, but it’s available through Shopify (along with some other “Literally So Cute” items, like avocado toast and fro-yo). The best $12 you’ll ever spend? Perhaps…but your dog would prefer treats.

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