Cesar Millan Explains What to Do If Your Dog Gets Too Excited When Guests Come Over

If your dog gets way too excited when someone rings the doorbell, then you’re in luck. Cesar Millan is sharing tips on how to keep your pet calm when guests come over.

The dog behaviorist recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow to promote the Halo Collar. Since many dog owners experience more visitors and package deliveries during this time of year, Millan discussed ways to keep your dog calm around guests.  

cesar millan dog excited guests
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“Dogs feed off of the energy of the human. Americans tend to smother their dogs with affection,” Millan told PureWow. “Greeting a dog with excitement puts the dog in an excited state. The worst thing a pet parent can do is give affection or attention to an excited dog.”

Millan explained that the best way to train an overly reactive dog is to disregard it. “The best way to react to an excited dog is to ignore them,” he said. “Use no touch, no talk, no eye contact.”

cesar millan dog excited guests
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Millan also revealed that exercise is a good way to drain your dog’s energy ahead of family gatherings. “It’s easier to keep your dog from being over-excited if they don’t have the energy to do it in the first place, which is why the walk is so important,” he added. “It provides direct exercise and channels your dog’s excess energy while draining it.”

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