13 Celebrity Pet Names—From Kelly Ripa's "Wolf Pack" to Jennifer Garner's Hens

Celebrities Pets Names - Kelly Ripa poses with one of her dogs on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Celebritiesthey’re just like us! They take their dogs to the park. They clean out the fish tanks. And they name them things like Hendrix, Honky and Mama Mia. Here, we've gathered 13 celebrity pet names to inspire and delight. Read ahead to see what our favorite celebrities affectionately named their furry, feathered and scaly friends.

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1. Reese Witherspoon

Honky, Tonky, Minnie Pearl, Major, Lou and Hank

Reese Witherspoon is no stranger to pets. She’s got a house full of them. Four dogs named Minnie Pearl, Major, Lou and Hank all make regular appearances on her Instagram. And at one point she also had two mini donkeys (referred to as ‘donks’) named Honky and Tonky. It’s giving Nashville and we’re not complaining.

2. Jennifer Garner

Birdie, Ellen DeHeneres, Kelly Cluckson and Jimmy Fowlon

Celebrities naming their pets after other celebrities? Only in L.A…. Garner has chickens, fish, a cat and a pup named Birdie. Plus: the newest chickens to land in the coop: Ellen DeHeneres, Kelly Cluckson and Jimmy Fowlon. 

3. Jennifer Lopez


Her sweet little cat Hendrix made a Twitter debut in 2021 after she was convinced by her child Emme and then husband-to-be Ben Affleck to adopt the curly-haired feline.

4. Drew Barrymore

Douglas, Lucy, Lucky, Peach and Fern

Barymore definitely Lucked out with her furry friends. 

5. Prince William and Kate Middleton


A name with Celtic roots that translates to “golden princess.” Fitting for the future king’s trusty companion, don’t you think?

6. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Guy, Mama Mia and Pula

We owe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s successful engagement to this Guy! According to the couple's Netflix documentary, Guy helped Prince Harry secretly propose to Meghan while they were on a trip to Africa before the official engagement. They also have two other pooches named Pula and Mama Mia.

7. Kelly Ripa

Lena and Chewie

According to Ripa’s Instagram, her pups are “two ball busters.” Ruff life.

8. Ryan Seacrest


He’s got Georgia on his mind. Just don’t forget his daughter Flora.

9. Jennifer Coolidge

Chewy and Bagpipes

Jennifer Coolidge’s appearance in mockumentary Best in Show wasn’t just for show. She’s a huge animal advocate and actually rescued her most recent pup Chewyshort for Chewbacca—from a meat factory in Korea. Chewy and her other pup, Bagpipes, recently made an appearance at the Golden Globes to support their mom where she won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or TV Movie.

10. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Penny, Pearl and Petey

The Teigen/Legend household is chalk full of pets. They’ve got some alliteration going on with their pups Penny, Pearl and Petey, but it doesn’t stop there. A bearded dragon, hamster and two birds round out the rest of the at-home zoo.

11. Paris Hilton

Baby Luv, Coco Chanel, Harajuku and many more

Multi hyphenate Paris Hilton has had many pets over the years ranging from dogs and hamsters to ferrets, monkeys and horses each with their own eccentric names. Some of our favorites: Slivington, Peter Pan, Diamond Baby and Mugsy and The Gang.

Celebrities Pets Names - Two side-by-side photos of a fresh-faced Adele holding one of her golden doodle puppies.

12. Adele

Bob and Freddy

The “Easy on Me” singer has two golden doodles named Bob and Freddy. But you probably won’t see them on socials anytime soon…Adele’s team doesn’t let her have the password to her Instagram account. 

13. Rihanna

Oliver and Pepe

Though she has two dogs, Rihanna actually found one of them–her nowpup Pepein the bathroom at 1OAK in West Hollywood. You could say it was fate. And we’re just as confused as you might be, but we’re happy that Pepe has a forever home in Ri-Ri.

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