Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s Cats

Taylor Swift not only starred in the movie Cats, but the “Anti-Hero” singer is also a huge fan of the cuddly felines. From references in her songs to appearances in her documentary, Miss Swift has made her love of cats apparent, and she proudly embraces the “cat lady” aesthetic (even selling cat-covered items in her merch store).

But, how many cats does Taylor Swift actually have? And is it true that one of them is worth nearly $100 million? (Spoiler alert: yes.) Here's everything you need to know about her furry companions. 

1. Taylor Swift Has Three Cats

Swift's three cats are named Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button.

She named her first Scottish Fold cat after the main character, Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), from hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Swift is such a fan of the show that she even asked Pompeo to make a cameo in her "Bad Blood" music video. 

The singer got a second Scottish Fold kitty in 2014 and named it after yet another TV character: Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) from the crime-drama Law & Order: SVU. Hargitay also made an appearance in Swift's "Bad Blood" video.

And just in case you couldn't guess: Benjamin Button is named after Brad Pitt's character in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Sadly, Pitt has yet to appear in any of Swift's music videos. 

2. And They Look Like “Little Lazy Bears”

“My cats are beautifully round and fuzzy and they look like little lazy bears—they're always taking naps,” Swift said at the premiere of Cats. Even people who swear they're not "cat people" have to admit they sound pretty cute.

3. All Three of Her Cats Make a Cameo in the “Me!” Music Video

In fact, Benjamin Button was adopted on set after Swift fell totally head over paws heels for the sweet feline.  

Taylor revealed she adopted the cat while recording the music video with Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco. 

"[The handler] handed me this tiny cat and he just starts purring and...he looks at me like, ‘You’re my mom, and we’re going to live together.’ I fell in love. I looked at Brendon and he’s like, ‘You’re going to get the cat, aren’t you?’" she explained.

You can see Meredith and Oliva lounging on the sofa in the video above at the 00:24 mark, while Benjamin makes an appearance around 2:10. 

5. Swift’s Cat Olivia Is Worth $97 Million (Yes, Really)

Speaking of living like a pop star—Swift's cat Olivia sure knows what it's like to have a celeb net worth. According to the 2022 Pet Rich List, the nearly-ten-year-old feline is the third richest pet in the world, with a net worth of $97 million.

Due to her appearances in ads for companies like AT&T and Diet Coke, her cameos in Swift's music videos, as well as other endorsements, Olivia has racked up quite an impressive worth. On the Pet Rich List, she sits behind a German shepherd owned by the Gunther Corporation named Gunther VI (who is worth $500 million) and Nala Cat (who is reportedly worth $100 million). And right behind Olivia are Oprah Winfrey's five dogs.

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