We’re Calling It: Bubble Houses Are the New Must-Have at Kids’ Birthday Parties

It’s easy to fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole when planning a kid’s birthday. I’ll just keep it simple, you tell yourself. Then, suddenly, you’re up until 4 a.m. turning purple in the face, blowing up 300 balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-worthy arch you totally thought you could DIY.

We all want that wow factor—something that surprises and delights, and keeps kids occupied for at least half an hour, before they get all hopped up on cake and ice cream and start planning a present-opening revolt. That’s where the latest trend comes in: Bubble Houses. Think of it like a snow globe kids can play inside. It’s a clear dome house filled with up to 200 balloons—and sometimes, character cutouts and twinkle lights—that swirl around you, courtesy of a blower. As you can see, it’s a dozen TikToks and Reels in the making:

“When party guests arrive and see the Bubble House they are often surprised and in awe, since they’ve never seen anything quite like it before,” says Heather Elliott, party president and co-founder of Bounce Bright Party in South Florida. She and her husband, Eric, went through four iterations of the Bubble House before landing on their current design, which can be made even more Instagrammable with custom balloon arches on the exterior and interior balloon color combinations to match your party’s theme.

So, what’s the going rate of a Bubble House? Bounce Bright Party charges $600 for a three-hour rental, which includes 150 to 200 balloons, delivery (free up to 20 miles), setup and breakdown, a turf entry mat, shoe organizer and an attendant to man the House (so you can hang out and enjoy the actual party). It’s a bit pricier than your average bounce house, which averages about $260 to $300, according to Thumbtack, though that varies widely by area and the rental time required.

bubble house next to a white castle bounce house
Bounce Bright Party

Beyond the excitement of stepping inside their own snow globe-esque fort to play in, kids love chasing the balloons. “From our experience, it seems to be most enjoyed by kids ages 2 to 7,” Elliott says.

Parents enjoy the photo op, especially since it’s such a statement-maker that you can get away with fewer decorations overall and still make an impact. (Not to mention the attendant-managed activity to keep kids occupied.)

The Bubble House concept is still so new that it isn't too widespread, but some event styling companies have launched similar concepts, and Bounce Bright Party sells its exclusive design to party companies across the U.S. through its other business, The Bubble House Company. (They also provide a list of vendors in other states.)

If you’re in South Florida, visit to book directly.

Editor's Note: To avoid balloons escaping the bubble house—and getting lost outside, where they can become an environmental hazard—you may want to keep your bubble house indoors. Part of Bounce Bright Party's fees include an attendant who helps keep the balloons inside the house, so you may want to check with other vendors as well on their policies.

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