14 Random-but-Useful Dog Products PureWow Staffers Discovered on Amazon

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Did you know that, in addition to trendy fashion picks, high-powered vacuums and our beloved Airpods, Amazon is chock-full of random-but-useful dog products? From pet grooming gloves to an interactive dog puzzle, here are 14 random but amazing products the most dog-obsessed PureWow staffers can’t stop talking about.

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dog booster seat

1. Burgeonnest Dog Car Seat

Commerce Editor Olivia Dubyak says, "My dog and I take a ton of long road trips and he has a hard time getting comfortable. This one is super squishy and gives him his own little space. The best part? It has harness built in to keep him in place during bumpy or twisty rides."

dog cooling mat

2. Hugs Pet Chillz Dog Cooling Mat

If your dogs can never cool down in the summer heat, they're going to love you for gifting them this mat. The non-toxic cooling gel is weight-activated and can keep them cooled off for up to three hours at a time. Plus, it's super lightweight and easy to pack for travel.

amazon dog 1

3. Kibble Bubble Dog Treat Pouch

Taking your four-legged friend on a lot more walks to pass the time these days? Same. Although, we wish we had this Kibble Bubble for all those times Rover pulled on the leash. The food-grade silicone pouch hooks on to your leash or bag so you can bring treats wherever you go. Director of financing and accounting Heidi Zwick says it’s been really helpful for training her mini goldendoodle, Baxter, on-the-go.

amazon dog 2

4. Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves

“If a cloud of dog hair forms every time you go to pet your pup, you need these gloves,” says senior editor of branded content Cristina Gutierrez. The surface of each is covered in silicone grooming tips that attract loose hair, making this the easiest and quickest way to groom your pup. The best part? Buddy will actually look forward to getting brushed because it feels just like getting pet.

amazon dog 3

5. Chom Chom Roller Dog Hair Remover

Speaking of shedding, if you’re tired of finding dog hair on your clothes, furniture and floors, this roller is able to change your life. I haven’t actually tried this one myself because my dog doesn’t shed, but after seeing it go viral on TikTok I’m kind of tempted to buy one anyway. The reusable device has special bristles that pick-up hairs, even those wedged deep in the living room carpet. When you’re done using your Chom Chom Roller, just open the trapdoor, release the fur into the trash and it’s ready to use again.

amazon dog 4

6. Pawaboo Dog Car Harness

Does Tuna go wild when you put her the backseat? This car harness clips into the seat belt to keep your pet secure while still giving them some range of motion to get comfortable. Staff accountant Angela Lo says it makes long car rides with her mini labradoodle Charlie a total breeze. Bonus: You can use the harness for everyday walks, too, so your pup gets used to the feel of it.

amazon dog 5

7. Blueberry Pet Customizable Collars

Now that we’re spending a lot more time at home, we’re aware of just how annoying the jingle of our pet’s dog tag can be. Thankfully audience development strategist Ali Brown found a solution: These embroidered collars. Just choose the size and color of the collar you want and Blueberry Pet will embroider it with Fido’s name and your phone number. Problem solved.

amazon dog 6

8. Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Executive editor Dara Katz’s pooch Oakley is such a fan of Nina Ottosson dog puzzles that she wrote an entire story about them. “It is so fun to watch my dog snap into detective mode to get her hands (er, paws) on some treats. You can actually see her brain light up as her eyes focus and her snout twitches during her investigations,” she wrote. This particular puzzle is intermediate level and involves sliding and flipping open compartments to find treats. According to Katz, it can help with separation anxiety and any other behavioral problems your pooch might have acquired during quarantine.

amazon dog real 7

9. Lobeve Puppy Starter Kit

Whether you’ve finally succumbed to the pandemic puppy trend, or you have a friend or family member who has, this puppy starter kit is a game-changer. “This is a great gift to give first-time dog owners,” explains associate managing editor Catrina Yohay. It comes with 12 essentials like nail clippers, food and water bowls and even a few chew toys. At just $38, that’s pretty impressive.

amazon dog 7

10. M & Mkpet Dog Water Bottle

This is another one of Brown’s favorite finds for her border collie, Layla. “I love it because it’s like your dog’s own water bottle and water bowl wrapped into one. My favorite aspect is that you can press a button to retract the extra water back into the bottle,” she says. Reviewers note that it’s convenient and durable whether you’re packing it for a road trip, a long hike or an afternoon at the dog park.

amazon dog 9

11. Ruffwear Crag Dog Leash

“This is the BEST leash. It can be shortened or made really long and worn around your waist for hikes or longer walks,” says former Senior Commerce Editor Bri Lapolla. All you have to do is use the slider to adjust it between 3.5 and six feet long and, BTW, it also has a padded handle for extra comfort.

amazon dog 11

12. Zippypaws Woodland Friends Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

Director of social strategy Aly Owens says her Jindo mix Ona is completely obsessed with this interactive plush toy. Stick the stuffed chipmunks in their burrow and your dog will get to work trying to pull them out and make them squeak. Over 3,000 five-star reviewers say their canines are just as in love with this toy as Ona is.

amazon dog real 11

13. Hi Kiss Training Agility Leash

Owens is also a fan of this 20-foot-long agility leash. “It’s great for travel or letting your dog run around in wide open spaces,” she explains. Made from nylon with reinforced stitching, you can feel comfortable knowing it won’t snap or fray even when your 90 pound German shepherd tries to make a run for it.

amazon dog 12

14. Loobani Portable Dog Sling For Back Legs

If you have a dog with weak hind legs due to old age or injury, this padded sling is a godsend. I’ve been using it to help my 16-year-old shih tzu get around the yard to go to the bathroom for the past few months and it’s made the process way easier. I just put it around her waist and grab onto the handles so I can hold her up. And I feel good knowing the supersoft sherpa lining isn’t digging in or hurting her.

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