Ayesha Curry Interview: How the Mom of 3 Keeps It All Together

You know Ayesha Curry as a restaurateur, chef, author, TV personality, mother of three and wife to a certain NBA superstar (ahem, the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry). But what’s not readily apparent is how the 30-year-old multi-hyphenate manages it all at once.

When PureWow chatted with the star of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen about her partnership with GoDaddy, she gave us the scoop on how she acts as CEO of her family and her multiple businesses. Here, a condensed account of our interview with Ayesha Curry.

PureWow: We often think of lead parents as the CEOs of their families. Do you think your experience as a mother has helped propel you forward as a businesswoman too?

Ayesha Curry: Absolutely. I often tell people that you don’t know how much you can get done in a day until you have kids. Not only has being a parent made me push myself in terms of productivity, but also in that I’m now accountable to more than myself. I am working hard to build something for my kids and to be someone who they can be proud of, which influences every decision I make professionally.

As an entrepreneur, what’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

I think the biggest lesson is that everything you do is not going to be a success. Sometimes you’re going to fail and that’s OK, because you’re not judged by whether or not you fail, but how you recover from those failures.

Do you compartmentalize your work and your family or are they often combined?

Often combined! While I’m required to travel often for work, which forces me to be away from the kids, I am fortunate to have the ability to primarily run my team and website out of my home. So I’m still able to be with my son throughout the day and can be there to hug the girls when they get home from school and do all the other mommy duties I love. There can be some chaotic moments, and occasionally there will be a 7-year-old quietly coloring in the corner of a staff meeting, but it works for us.

How do you and Steph prioritize your relationship with all you have going on?

It can be challenging sometimes, especially with how hectic our schedules can get. But we made a commitment early on in our marriage that our relationship needed to be solid in order for us to be the best parents and people to those who depend on us. So we make the time. And it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant—sometimes it’s just grabbing dinner around the corner from our house. It’s just about finding little moments to check in and reconnect.

Do you utilize any parenting techniques that you’ve found to be really helpful?

My girls are at the age now where they’re [learning] how to express and manage their emotions, and we’ve tried to be really supportive in that process. I was introduced to the Mindful Kids Cards from Little Renegades ($20) through my Fempire series with Ellen DeGeneres. It’s a deck of cards with exercises to do with your kids that focus on things like breathing, meditation and gratitude. Stephen and I have started doing a few cards with the girls right before bed and it’s been great. The kids get a lot out of it, but it also gives us a little extra time together as a family.

Do your kids love everything you cook or are they a bit picky?

I got really lucky. My kids eat just about everything. I’ve got one quirky kid who doesn’t like chocolate, but I’m still working on her. She’ll come around.

How did you settle on their names?

Well, Riley was the only name Stephen and I could agree on, so that’s how that name came about. In general, Stephen and I both really like gender-neutral names, and we thought Ryan sounded androgynous and fierce. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how she turned out! The name Canon we actually picked out on our honeymoon, so we’ve had that one saved up for some time.

If you could go on a mom’s weekend with three people, who would you choose?

Shea Mitchell, Jessica Alba and Joanna Gaines.


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