Apple picking, cozy sweaters and PSLs—there’s just something about fall that’s so warm and snuggly. So it only makes sense to name your bundle of joy after the best season of all (whether he or she is born in the autumn months or not). Here, 21 adorable baby names inspired by fall.

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Blonde girl sitting on log playing with autumn leaves
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Name your baby girl after this beautiful tree that’s known for its graceful branches.

Little baby playing with autumn leaves on a wooden floor
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Life may be like a box of chocolates, but you know exactly what you’re gonna get with this moniker—a total cutie.

Adorable girl laying on grass smiling
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An English boy name that means “the heathland dweller.”

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Little girl holding apples in front of her face
FamVeld/Getty Images


A super-sweet name for a girl.

Cute baby boy with bandana around his neck
sihuo0860371/Getty Images


For your favorite deputy.

Smiling Little Girl Lying On Grass
wundervisuals/Getty Images


Call her Nova or Ember for short.

Newborn Baby Sleeping in green blanket
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A sturdy Irish baby boy name that means “tree trunk.”

Little girl blowing bubbles outside
eli_asenova/Getty Images  


As in, the apple of your eye.

happy baby girl with an umbrella in autumn rain outside
evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images


A beautiful girl name that means “autumn rain” in Hebrew.

baby boy playing outside with fall leaves
Martinan/Getty Images


A sweet nature-inspired moniker for a boy.

Toddler playing with halloween pumpkins
SbytovaMN/Getty Images  


Name your autumn baby after this beautiful reddish-brown color.

Baby girl playing with autumn leaves outside
evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images


Means “to harvest.”

Little boy playing airplane outside in the fall
Evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images


A gender-neutral name inspired by the gorgeous hue of autumn leaves.

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Happy kid boy in autumn park walking outdoors
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Why not name your baby girl after the best season?

Newborn in green outfit smiling at camera
petrograd99/Getty Images


A strong name for a boy.

Baby girl sitting in a meadow
AleksandarNakic/Getty Images


An old-fashioned, elegant name related to the laurel plant.

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Handsome young boy outside
ipekata/Getty Images


A handsome name that means “from the wheat meadow”—perfect for harvest season and your little gentleman.

Smiling baby sitting on bed
Mikolette/Getty Images


From the golden-brown hue; means "jewel.”

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Two siblings playing outside in fall leaves
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“Star” in Greek (perfect for the boy or girl who’ll light up your life), but also September’s birth flower.

Happy toddler girl smiling while lying down in a big pile of leaves
Melpomenem/Getty Images


Pronounced may-zee.

Child pilot aviator playing outside
evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images


Means “tree” in Italian. Bellissimo!

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