50 Baby Names for Girls That Start with E

Maybe your first-born’s name starts with the letter E. Or you’ve decided that a baby name that starts that way is the perfect way to pay homage to a beloved family member. Whatever the reason, we’ve combed the Social Security Administration’s list (and plugged in several favorites of our own) to deliver the best-ever baby names for girls that start with E. Happy baby-name selecting!

17 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover

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1. Esmeralda

The name means “emerald.” We’re also partial to its nickname: Esmé.

2. Emma

It means “whole” or “universal.” It also held the number one slot for girls for five years in a row starting in 2014. (It dropped to number two in 2019.)

3. Elizabeth

“My God is an oath.” Not to mention, this name is a nice nod to the current queen of England.

4. Etta

A short form of Henrietta, this name means “estate ruler.”

5. Elvira


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6. Edna

Alternative spelling: Ednah. (This Hebrew name means “pleasure”.)

7. Edith

“Riches or blessed.” (Also, the best-ever old-lady baby name.)

8. Eleana

This name means “my God has answered me.” (Can also be spelled Elena.)

9. Emmelyn

“Entire” or “universal.”

10. Eloise

This French variation on Louise means “famous warrior.” (Also, lives at the Plaza.)

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11. Eulalia

It means “well-spoken.”

12. Ellette

“Footloose” (aka destined to be a good dancer).

13. Emily

This name means “industrious and hardworking.”

14. Eleanor

“God is my light.”

15. Efua

It means “born on Friday.” (How cool if your due date works out that way?)

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16. Emerson

“Brave” and “powerful.” (You can also call her Emmy for short.)

17. Evangeline

The perfect nod to Evangeline Lily (hello, Lost fans?), it means “gospel” and “good news.”

18. Erica

This name means “sole ruler, ever powerful.” (No pressure, baby.)

19. Emilia

This moniker means “rival.” (It’s also slowly creeping up the charts.)

20. Elsie

Another name on a massive upward trend, it means “God is my oath.”

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21. Estelle

This Old French name means “star.”

22. Elaine

It means “torch,” “beautiful,” “bright,” and “shining.” You can’t go wrong.

23. Ellen


24. Elissa

It means “oath of God.”

25. Eunice

This moniker—another trendy old lady baby name—means “joyous victory.”

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26. Eleni

Of Greek origins, it means “bright and shining light.”

27. Essence

“Life” and “spirit.”

28. Emme

It means “universal.” (It’s also a variation on Emma.)

29. Estefany

This Spanish name means “crown” or “garland.”

30. Esther

“Star.” (Your kiddo? Of course!)

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31. Ella

A sweet variation on Eleanor, which—reminder—means “God is my light.”

32. Evelyn

It means “desired,” but also “water” or “island.”

33. Erin

This Irish moniker means “peace.”

34. Eve


35. Evonne

This name nods to a type of tree that grows red, berrylike fruits.

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36. Ekaterina

This Russian name means “pure.” (It’s also a variation on Katherine.)

37. Eliza

“Joyful.” (Also, one of the Schulyer sisters.)

38. Eden

Most commonly, this name means “place of pleasure” or “delight.”

39. Ensley

It means “one’s own meadow.” (Sounds lovely to us.)

40. Emira

This Hebrew name—which can also be spelled Amira—means “princess.”

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41. Estee

A subtle nod to the beauty legend, this French moniker means “star.”

42. Everly

“Grazing meadow.”

43. Emmy

It means “whole” or “universal.” (It’s also commonly short form for names like Emma, Emily and Emerson, but it totally stands on its own.)

44. Elora

This name has a few different meanings, but almost all of them nod to “light.”

45. Elliana

In Greek, it means “sun.”

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46. Ellis

This gender-neutral name means “God is abundance,” but also “kind.”

47. Edie

“Rich in war,” this name is also a pet form of Edith.

48. Emalee

“Industrious” and “striving.”

49. Eileen

This name means “beautiful bird.”

50. Elsa

“God of plenty,” but also queen of Arendelle (she’ll appreciate the Frozen nod).

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