‘Wheel of Fortune' Toss-up Goes Off the Rails as Pat Sajak Yells 'No! No! No! No!'

Not so fast...

wheel-of-fortune-mishap: A photograph of Pat Sajak in a black suit while hosting the Wheel of Fortune. He has one hand up gesturing at something off-camera.
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I've seen it happen before. Someone's running a race, speeding up toward the finish line, sprinting at lighting speed. They "cross the finish line" and it's instant celebration. But then they realized they stopped too soon, just shy of the finish line, and someone else has won first place.

That's exactly what happened this week on popular weeknight gameshow, Wheel of Fortune. Three contestants vying for the win were caught off guard by a tricky toss-up word puzzle thrown their way and started congratulating each other before realizing the answer was incorrect. (Yikes!) Not only that, but the clip that captured it all has gone viral, reaching almost 50 thousand views on YouTube. (Double yikes!)

In the clip, Pat Sajak, host of the show, presents contestants Rufus Cumberlander, Cynthia King and Luidgi Altidor with the fill in the blank question and starts the timer, letters beginning to appear in the empty slots. King buzzes in too quickly without an answer and shortly after, Cumberlander smacks the button, shouting, "Don't look away!"

In that moment, Cumberlander smiles, thinking he's got it. King and Altidor begins to clap and fist-bump the top-scorer, but in the background you can hear Sajak saying, "No! No! No! No! It's not correct," hoping the contestants will jump back in with the right answer. Bummer right!?

Suddenly all three contestants look back at the puzzle realizing with seconds to spare that they could buzz in and steal the question, none of them catching it in time. King and Altidor lean their heads back in frustration, fists balled in the air, yelling "Oh!!"

But Sajak attempts to diffuse the situation with humor, as he always does, by saying, "Everybody’s congratulating everybody, and we get to keep the money!" with a chuckle and his own fist bump to the air. He continues saying, "It was nice of you to congratulate him."

Need a little laugh today? See the Wheel of Fortune mishap for yourself here.

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