‘Virgin River’ Producers Reveal This 4-Year-Long Plotline Will Come to a Close in Final Season 5 Episodes

We've been waiting for this

Charmaine in 'Virgin River.'

Virgin River fans still have a few surprises to look forward to before the year is done.

Following the premiere of the first ten episodes of season five back in September, we've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the two “holiday episodes”, which will be dropping on November 30. And based on this new Instagram post, it seems viewers can expect some major developments. Turns out, Charmaine (played by Lauren Hammersley) will finally be giving birth to her babies.

The reveal was shared on the official Virgin River Instagram account, where a behind-the-scenes photo saw Hammersley and co-star Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel Monroe) hanging out in the Vernon Mullins’ Family Practice Clinic.

“Charmaine's babies are finally making a grand entrance in 4 days,” the caption read. “It’s the most festive delivery of the season!”

As devoted fans of the show might recall, Charmaine revealed that she was pregnant all the way back at the end of season one. Now, four seasons later, we're finally gonna see her give birth.

virginriver hero

While Virgin River fans have been waiting quite some time to see this development, a few of the show's stars joked about the ongoing plotline in the comments.

Hammersley herself commented, “Full disclosure: I have very much enjoyed being pregnant for five years. I didn’t go to the gym. Ate what I wanted. Lots of bed rest and white wine.” Meanwhile, Mark Ghanimé (AKA Dr. Cameron Hayek) wrote, “That was fast! Seems like only 2019 when she was pregnant! [laughing emoji].”

The final episodes of season five of Virgin River will drop on November 30. We can't wait to see what else they've got in store.

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