31 Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch on HBO Max Right Now

valentines day hbo max

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a partner or alone, we compiled a list of romantic HBO Max titles that will surely spice up your streaming queue. Since there’s no right (or wrong) way to celebrate the annual holiday, we divided the options into four different categories. That way, you won’t accidentally get stuck watching a steamy flick with your parents, when it should have been saved for your partner.

Keep scrolling for details on which Valentine’s Day flicks you should watch on HBO Max.

To watch with your partner:

Date Movie
High Fidelity (HBO)
I Think I Love My Wife (HBO) 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (HBO) 
The Five-Year Engagement (HBO) 
The Notebook
You’ve Got Mail

To watch with your family:

Cold Mountain (HBO) 
Downton Abbey (HBO) 
Far and Away (HBO) 
Gone with the Wind
Idlewild (HBO) 
Life as We Know It
Phantom Thread (HBO) 
Pride and Prejudice 
The Cranes Are Flying
The English Patient (HBO) 
The River 

To watch with your girlfriends:

American Pie (HBO) 
Heartbreakers (HBO) 
Just My Luck (HBO) 
Last Christmas (HBO) 
Two Weeks Notice

To watch alone:

Blue Crush (HBO) 
Can’t Buy Me Love (HBO)
Cruel Intentions (HBO) 
Emma. (HBO) 
In Good Company (HBO)
The Adventures of Robin Hood


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