This Criminally Underrated Prime Video Series Is a Must-Watch for ‘Yellowjackets’ Fans

Few things are more anxiety-inducing than a 10-year high school reunion. But one of those things? A reunion that devolves into utter chaos during an apocalyptic tidal wave.

In Prime Video's Australian comedy, Class of '07, that nightmare becomes reality for a group of Catholic school grads as they party the night away and catch up with old frenemies. The celebration comes to a sudden halt when they discover that the rest of the world is submerged in water, and unfortunately, this leaves them all stranded on campus. To make matters worse, there's a mysterious creature swimming in the water, making it virtually impossible for the women to escape.

Before you ask—yes, the premise is essentially a remixed version of The Wilds and Yellowjackets. However, there's one element that makes this feminist gem stand out, and that's the humor.

We'll admit, we love a good high-stakes mystery that keeps us on the edge of our seats, but there's something incredibly refreshing about a survival drama that doesn't always take itself so seriously. Yes, there are limited resources and very little hope of escaping their newly-formed island, but this dire situation is balanced with silly humor and laughably awkward moments, like Sandy's (Sarah Krndija) comical sobbing and Zoe's (Emily Browning) unfiltered rant, which ended with the school's building literally falling apart behind her.

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John Platt

But aside from delivering laughs (seriously, you'll be cackling within the first two minutes of the pilot), the series brilliantly tackles bullying, mental health and the nuances of female friendships. It also examines the ripple effects of high school trauma and unresolved conflicts by including several throwback scenes, which offer plenty of context on old rivalries. It's quite fascinating to see how these women deal with the drama they're forced to revisit, as well as the shifting relationship dynamics.

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John Platt

Another plus? The series boasts an incredible and diverse cast, including Steph Tisdell, who plays Phoebe, the brilliant workaholic, and Claire Lovering, who nails her part as Genevieve, who's desperate to take charge. Megan Smart, Emma Horn, Caitlin Stasey and Chi Nguyen also deliver standout performances as fellow grads from the class of '07.

Unfortunately, Prime Video has yet to confirm if the series will be renewed, but given the show's rave reviews and its refreshing take on female friendships, we'd say Class of '07 has the potential to live on for many more seasons. For now, though, we'll settle for stalking each cast member's Instagram feed until we hear further updates.

All eight episodes of season one are now available to stream on Prime Video.

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