Tom Holland Has a New Crime Drama Coming to Apple TV+ (& Fans Already Think It’s Oscar-Worthy)

We all know him as the lovable and quirky Peter Parker, but it looks like Tom Holland is officially swapping his Spiderman suit for army gear.

Apple TV+ recently released the trailer for Holland's gripping new crime drama, Cherry, which is set to release on the platform on Feb. 26. And while this teaser is only three minutes long, we're already impressed by the actor's incredible range.

Fans were so impressed by the trailer that they c

In the movie, Holland plays Cherry, a college student from Ohio who decides to join the army. After serving as an army medic, however, he develops PTSD and a dangerous addiction to opioids, driving him to make destructive choices that could jeopardize everything.

Cherry, which is based on the book of the same name by Nico Walker, stars Ciara Bravo as Emily, Jack Reynor as Pills and Coke, Michael Rispoli as Tommy and Jeff Wahlberg as Jimenez. Anthony and Joe Russo, who are best known for their work on four Marvel films, directed and produced the crime drama. Mike Larocca, Jonathan Gray, Matthew Rhodes, Jake Aust and Chris Castaldi also produced the film.

While discussing the casting of Holland for the complex main character, Joe Russo told Entertainment Weekly, "You get a taste of Holland's incredible performance in the movie and the range that he displays as an actor. I think you're seeing him transform from a teen actor into an adult actor."

He continued, "We needed an actor who could bring [the audience] along emotionally on a journey. And there are very few actors who can do that like Tom Holland."

Given that fans on social media are already predicting an Oscar win for Holland's performance, we get the feeling that this will be a must-watch.

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