‘This Is Us’ Stars Reveal the Special Items They Took Away From Set

As we bid a final goodbye to the Pearson family, some members of the This Is Us cast and crew are looking back on the show’s legacy over the years. In the series of interviews conducted by Entertainment Weekly, a few cast members recently opened up about the sentimental items they took from the set.

For actress Mandy Moore, she decided to take Rebecca’s half-crescent moon necklace. Longtime fans may recall the necklace making its first appearance in season one. Jack first gave Rebecca the necklace when he promised to be a better father and husband in his sobriety. This piece of jewelry symbolized Jack and Rebecca’s love story as well as the grief, loss and heartbreak they experienced together.

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“I’m definitely stealing the moon necklace. I would love to take both wedding rings, Miguel’s and Jack’s, [and] some set decorations like pictures of Milo and me with the kids when they were super little,” she said. “I want the things that are sentimental to my character and special to me that nobody else really wants.”

Chrissy Metz said that she would love to take the piano. Rebecca and Kate have always bonded over their love for the piano. In the earlier part of season six, we see Rebecca play a song on the instrument, while Kate rests her head on her shoulder. Then, we’re brought to the present and Rebecca is teaching Baby Jack how to play.

“I want the piano. I don't know how one goes about stealing a massive piano, however, I might just yell, ‘What are you going to do with this?’ I’m sure it’s just going to go into some archive because it’s been so prominent throughout the seasons. I would love the piano,” the actress said.

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