How to Have the Best Day Ever in Miami’s SoFi Neighborhood

Just minutes away from tourist traps like Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, Miami’s South of Fifth neighborhood feels like a whole other world: charming and laid-back with minimal crowds, pristine beaches and delicious detours. Round up your besties—here’s how to spend a day in SoFi from morning till night. 

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miami yoga on water
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7 a.m.: We’re starting our day early with a free yoga class at Third Street Beach. Trek all the way to the end of Miami Beach any day of the week for a calming oceanside session. Don’t forget to bring your own mat.

miami people on boardwalk
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8 a.m.: There is no shortage of beautiful scenery up and down the South Beach boardwalk. The best way to navigate this stretch of green and blue is on bicycles, which are available to the public for a small fee.

miami beach sunset
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9 a.m.: Hidden behind lush mangroves, this spot offers a stunning backdrop of clear blue waters and silky beige sand. Set up shop adjacent to First Street and Ocean Drive. Don’t forget a towel, your favorite book and a midmorning snack.

miami pink cocktail
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12 p.m.: Perfect for lunch, Planta South Beach is what foodie dreams are made of. Go for the meat-free burger made with black beans, mashed lentils and beetroot and topped with a gooey vegan “cheese” made of carrot and potato. Don’t forget a side of cauliflower tots, fruit and vegetable sushi, or ceviche made with coconut instead of fish. On second thought, we’ll take one of each, please.

2:30 p.m.: Post-lunch, take a stroll one street north of SoFi and find a host of on-trend clothing stores like ZaraLF and Club Monaco. Splurge on something that looks just as good on the beach as it does at a swanky restaurant (there’s a reason, trust us).

miami south point pier
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5 p.m.: Walk along the South Pointe Pier and catch the sunset. We may not be on the West Coast, but it’s still a sight worth seeing.

stubborn seed miami
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7 p.m.: Remember that cheeky outfit we told you to buy? It’ll come in handy for drinks and dinner at Stubborn Seed. Top Chef winner Jeremy Ford’s spot offers indulgent multi-course tasting menus centered on New American cuisine. Don’t leave without getting the chocolate-filled snickerdoodles for dessert.

the scape goat miami cocktail
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9 p.m.: We know it’s been a long day, but trust us—this last stop is worth it. We’re off to the ScapeGoat for the seasonal Smashed cocktail, made with a bartender’s choice of spirit that’s guaranteed to be tasty. Take it up a notch with the Happy Meal, a secret menu item complete with a beer and a shot. Whatever you go for, you’ll love lounging inside this dimly lit space.

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