8 Annoying Things Brides Should Never Post on Social Media

Like details about the dress...or the diet

You’re getting married! Weeeeee! But you’re also probably losing your love-filled mind on Facebook and Instagram. Relax--if you want to keep your friends. Here are all the things that could be driving your followers crazy.

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Details About Your Dress Fittings

A peekaboo shot of a lace cap sleeve is one thing. A head-to-toe shot of you in your wedding gown--even if you blocked your fiancé--is another. Save the big reveal for the big day…and the professional photographer that's costing you a million dollars.

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Details About Your Diet

So, you’re kicking ass at your bridal boot camp and you’ve replaced carbs with carrot sticks for three months. Good for you. No one cares, necessarily, but good for you.

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Shots Of Your Invites

No matter how Pinterest-worthy you think they are, it’s like you’re posting a neon flashing sign to 1,000-plus online pals reminding them that they’re not invited. Might want to skip this one.

Shots Of Your "will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Requests

We get it. You’re sooooo thoughtful. But posting pics of your formal invitation to your friend (plus Champagne and macarons and notebooks for bridal to-do lists) is like you’re flagging the exact moment you became Bridezilla. Keep it between only those involved.

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Pre-ceremony Shots Of You Slipping On Your Dress

Sure, it’s a super-special moment for you, your mom and the 15 members of your bridal party. But no--dear God no--we do not need to see your Spanx.


Real-time Photos From The Altar

Dearly beloved: We interrupt this sweet and meaningful ceremony in front of our closest pals so the bride and groom can snap a “We do” pic to share with everyone they couldn’t afford to invite. (At least wait until cocktail hour to be a 21st-century over-sharer, please.)

Pics From The Wedding Night

Yay for #InstagramHusbands--he managed to carry you over the threshold of your hotel room and snap a selfie of the two of you at the same time. No matter how cute it is, if there’s one time during your wedding that you should log off, this is it.

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And Especially Pics Of The Honeymoon Bed

Now if you thought the above point was cringe-worthy, then what are you even thinking documenting a towel sculpture in the exact spot you’re about to be getting busy in? Barf.

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