It’s Official: ‘The Watcher’ Season 2 Is Coming to Netflix—Here’s What We Know

We’ve got the details on the cast, plot and more.

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

The Watcher is, by far, one of the most intense mystery thrillers to ever hit Netflix. Loosely inspired by a true story published in The Cut, the series follows a married couple who move into their dream home only to discover they’re being stalked by a mysterious person who goes by the nickname "The Watcher.”  

Ryan Murphy’s bone-chilling miniseries was supposed to only last for one season. But fortunately for fans, the streaming platform announced in 2022 that The Watcher season 2 is on the horizon. Keep scrolling for details.

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1. Is The Watcher Returning for Season 2?

It sure is. In November 2022, Netflix announced on social media that it ordered a second season of the show.

Per Variety, Bela Bajaria (Netflix's head of global TV) said in a statement, "Audiences can't take their eyes off Monster and The Watcher. The creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan on Monster along with Eric Newman on The Watcher are masterful storytellers who captivated audiences all over the world. The back-to-back force of these two series is due to Ryan's distinct original voice which created cultural sensations and we are thrilled to continue telling stories in the Monster and Watcher universes."

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2. What Is the Plot for Season 2?

In case you need a refresher, season one concludes with the Brannocks selling their renovated home to get away from the terrifying stalker. The person’s identity remains unknown, and at the very end of the episode, the realtor is terrified after having a personal run-in with the self-proclaimed “Watcher.” 

The creators have yet to reveal what season two will be about, but if it continues with the same story line as season one, the series could follow the same family as they attempt to move on and get a fresh start. Another strong possibility for season two? A new family could move into the same house only to be plagued by the same stalker.

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3. Who Is in the Cast of The Watcher Season 2? 

Casting details for season 2 haven’t been confirmed yet, but if season two resumes from where season one left off, the main cast will likely return. This includes Naomi Watts as Nora, Bobby Cannavale as Dean, Isabel Gravitt as Ellie, Luke David Blumm as Carter, Jennifer Coolidge as Karen, Margo Martindale as Maureen/Mo, Richard Kind as Mitch, Mia Farrow as Pearl and Terry Kinney as Jasper. However, Noma Dumezweni, who played private investigator Theodora Birch, died of cancer in season one, so we're guessing she won't return for season two.

Coolidge, a standout performer on the series, told EW that she hasn’t been called to reprise her role just yet, but she’s definitely interested in returning. She said, "I wonder if they will call Karen back. I would definitely go if they offer, if they ask me.”

Although her character’s final scene suggests that Karen didn’t fare well, Coolidge still hopes that the realtor can make a comeback. She continued, "I wanted to tell Ryan that Karen can run much faster. I hope she's back." Honestly, same.

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4. When Will The Watcher Season 2 Premiere? 

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a premiere date for season two, but since the renewal was announced in November 2022, we’re guessing it’ll be a while before fans get to catch up with the Brannocks.

Unfortunately, a 2024 release seems unlikely. On social media, Ryan Murphy has been focusing on other projects, including Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, and Naomi Watts, who plays Nora in season one, told Entertainment Weekly, "I know they said yes to the next series, but I haven't heard anything more. To be honest, we left the house, so I don't know if we'll be coming back. I don't know what the plan is there."

Since there hasn't been much progress beyond the renewal announcement, our best guess is that The Watchers season 2 will return in 2025.

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5. Is There a Trailer for The Watcher Season 2?

Production hasn’t started on season two because the show was originally planned as a limited series. So, it will be a while before fans get any teasers for the new season. In the meantime, you can enjoy the first season, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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6. How did The Watcher Season 1 End?

The final episode ends with Dean lurking in front of his old home as a new family moves in. Dean introduces himself to one of the newcomers, unaware that his wife is watching the whole time. Meanwhile, the identity of The Watcher remains a mystery.

Bobby Cannavale (aka Dean) told Tudum, “It's an interesting ending and it depends on what you bring to the party. I think everybody will take a different meaning from that ending, depending on who you are, what your value system is, where you come from, what your history is, what your relationship to material wealth is, what your connection to your family is. I kind of love the ending because you can be really cynical and you can really just throw your hands up and go, ‘Well, you never know.’”

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7. Will the Watcher's Identity Be Revealed in Season 2?

Murphy and his team haven't revealed any details about the plot for season two—including whether or not the identity of The Watcher would finally be revealed—because they prefer to keep the info under wraps.

Executive producer Eric Newman told Radio Times, "I can say nothing other than we're very excited about the prospect of another season of The Watcher. That's all I can say."

We'll keep our ears open for more updates.

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