Will Bennie and Regina Resolve Their Issues in 'The Upshaws' Season 4? Here's Our Theory

We've been riding with The Upshaws for three seasons, and boy, has it been a chaotic journey. So far, the family has survived Bennie (Mike Epps) losing his job, Regina (Kim Fields) quitting hers, Bennie and Lucretia (Wanda Sykes) doing jail time and Bernard (Jermelle Simon) discovering that he has a child. But now, the Upshaws are about to face the ultimate test after Regina moves out of the house.

In case you need a quick refresher, Regina, the family matriarch, gets accepted into grad school, but despite the encouragement from her family, she's no longer excited to go. She suspects that she's dealing with depression and suddenly moves out of the house to focus on her mental health. As a result, Lucretia offers to stick around and help Bennie with the kids, much to his dismay.

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It's worth noting that Bennie and Regina's relationship was still a bit strained at this point. They haven't fully bounced back after Bennie stole (or, in his own words, "borrowed") his wife's money. And of course, their intense spat over Regina's recent behavior hasn't helped matters. So now, the big question is: What's next for these two? Will they find their way back to happiness, or is this a sign that they'll ultimately go their separate ways?

Things weren't looking too hopeful after the season three finale, but after reflecting on past episodes and taking a close look at the season four trailer, we're convinced that they'll come out of this rough patch even stronger.

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Why, you ask? Well, consider the patterns they've followed while dealing with their past issues. There was the second episode of season one, where Bennie takes Regina out for an expensive meal he can't afford, then admits he only treated her so they could break their dry spell and get intimate later that night. (How romantic!) But then, something amazing happens. Bennie fesses up about his plan, and it not only sparks an honest conversation about their sexual expectations, but it also prompts Regina to open up about her discomfort with constantly seeing the mother of his child. The initial tension practically vanishes, and before we know it, they're concocting a clever plan to get out of paying their ridiculously high bill.

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Another standout example is when Regina kicks Bennie out of the house for taking her money to fix his ex's car. Not surprisingly, Bennie attempts to downplay her reaction and insists that he'll pay her back, but this doesn't help matters.

After realizing that she's struggling to take care of the kids on her own, he insists on coming back and, once again, they go head to head as they air their frustrations. Eventually, their argument turns into make-up sex, and by the following morning, it's as if they never even fought.

Is it a healthy way to resolve conflict? Probably not. But if these examples showed us anything, it's that Bennie and Regina genuinely want to make their marriage work. They're both fighters—and they have a pretty solid foundation when it comes to their honesty.

If you still need proof of where the relationship is likely headed, then just watch the season four trailer. It hints that there's still hope for the twosome, with Regina going to therapy and even encouraging her husband to join her. As expected, he immediately refuses. But something tells us that he'll cave because of how much it means to his wife and, more importantly, because it may be the only thing that can save their marriage.

Season four of The Upshaws will be available to stream on Netflix on August 17.

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