This Underrated Thriller on Prime Video Is a Must-Watch for Stephen King Fans

A character looks off into the distance and their heart skips a beat as they notice a thick, ominous fog start to swallow practically everything in view. As that fog spreads and inches closer, however, they come to find out that it's way more dangerous than they could've imagined.

No, we're not talking about Stephen King's The Mist. This is the basic premise of Prime Video's British series The Rig, which puts a terrifying new twist on the familiar storyline by having the characters trapped aboard an oil rig located off the coast of Scotland. The deadly fog cuts off all communication with those who are on shore, so the group is forced to fend for themselves with limited supplies while navigating rising tensions.

As expected, the series is packed with great performances and it brilliantly balances real science with supernatural elements. But what makes the series particularly bingeable is that it's character-driven, and the build-up of suspense definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Iain Glen delivers a standout performance as the rig boss, Magnus, who struggles to spearhead an already divided team during the crisis. And Martin Compston is especially convincing as communications officer Fulmer, who proves to be among the bravest of the group. We won't include any spoilers, but we will say that it's nearly impossible to not get invested in these characters. In fact, part of what makes this thriller so compelling is how the group fights to survive, even though they're ill-equipped to handle such a disaster.

Another factor that makes this show gripping is the oil rig element. While the plot is something that many of us have seen before (The Mist, The Fog, etc.), the change in setting truly does make all the difference. The stakes are even higher because they're stuck out at sea and, worse yet, the crew members are prone to making mistakes.

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This explains why the suspense and drama throughout the series is so palpable. As the story progresses, you know that no one's survival is guaranteed. And by the end of that wild first season finale, characters are forced to deal with the fallout and face deadly new threats.

So yes, you can expect to go through a roller-coaster of emotions as you fly through all six episodes. And fortunately, the story won't end there. Amazon Studios already confirmed a second season (!!!), so it's only a matter of time before we get to return to Scotland with the rest of the crew.

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