This Chilling New Docuseries on Netflix Will Probably Keep You Up at Night

If you've ever contemplated the mystery of what happens after death, then this new docuseries is likely for you.

Allow us to introduce you to Surviving Death, the new Netflix series that explores the possibility of life after death. Released on Jan. 6, the doc has already attracted tons of attention from critics and fans on social media. And according to Leslie Kean, who authored the eponymous book, the general aim is to "help people open up their minds and question the nature of consciousness."

Curious to know more? Read on for more details about the new documentary.

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1. What Is ‘surviving Death’ About?

Using scientific research and real-life accounts from those with near-death experiences, the docuseries addresses a number of common issues and questions that relate to life after death, from what it truly means to die to whether reincarnation is real. However, unlike what the title may suggest, the goal isn't to make people believe in the afterlife and paranormal activity. It actually takes a more journalistic approach, considering the facts and multiple viewpoints that allow the viewers to make their own conclusions by the end.

According to The Guardian, Kean said, “We can’t answer the questions. We don’t try to do that in the series. But it’s about [the possibility that] there is something that happens after we die. Maybe death isn’t the end.”

2. Is There A Trailer?

There certainly is, and it's just as fascinating as you'd expect. In the teaser, we get a quick glimpse of the accounts from people who had near-death experiences, as well as some additional commentary from famous experts. One of the biggest highlights by far, however, occurs towards the end, when one woman says, "I think I'll be asking questions until the day I die...again." ...Whoa.

3. Who's In The Cast Of ‘surviving Death’?

In addition to appearances from Kean, the doc's cast also has a number of experts and writers, including Dr. Bruce Greyson, Chris Roe, PH.D., Peter Fenwick, MD and Deborah Blum. Additionally, the film was directed by Ricki Stern, who's best known for The Trials of Darryl Hunt and The Devil Came on Horseback.

4. Why Is It Worth The Watch?

Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, it's tough to resist listening to these stories—especially when the makers have come at this from an investigative point of view. However, since fans on social media have described it as "trippy" and "super deep," you might want to keep a drink and some tissues handy as you watch.

One fan tweeted, "For anyone struggling with grief, death or finding it hard to understand life I seriously recommend watching Surviving Death on Netflix, totally solving a lot of problems in my head for me." Another said, "Hooked on Surviving Death on Netflix. I’m not a religious/spiritual person at all, but it’s mega interesting."

We'll definitely be adding this one to our list.

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