Netflix Users Are Totally Freaking Out Over This True-Crime Doc—Here's Why It's a Must-Watch

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

Netflix just released a brand-new documentary series called Carmel: Who Killed María Marta? and it's already sending the Internet into a bit of a tizzy. Allow us to explain.

The Argentinian true-crime series, which includes four episodes, explores one of the most controversial and publicized murder cases in Argentina: the mysterious death of María Marta García Belsunce. After the young woman's body was found in her bathtub, everyone assumed that it was an accident. However, autopsy results revealed a completely different story.

The director of the limited series, Alejandro Hartmann, explained that while creating this doc was a challenge, his ultimate goal was to provide a "great diversity of views and materials"—even if that involved working with former suspects in the case. In a public statement, he said, "The case has many sides and conflicting positions. We saw ourselves many times in the middle of these dilemmas, but our invitation as documentary filmmakers to the different parties involved was honest: we want to give them the floor."

Read on for more details about the Argentinian doc and why you should watch.

1. Who Was María Marta García Belsunce?

Belsunce was a successful, 50-year-old sociologist who lived in the Argentian city of Buenos Aires. She resided in a gated community with her stockbroker husband, Carlos Carrascosa, to whom she'd been married for over three decades.

2. What Happened To María Marta?

In October of 2007, García Belsunce's husband came home from a football game and discovered her dead body in the bathtub.

When Carrascosa reported this to the police, he assumed that she hit her head on a tap and fell into the tub. Police initially went along with this story, as well as García Belsunce's family. But after the autopsy was completed, it was revealed that García Belsunce was shot in the head five times before she landed in the tub. Even more puzzling, investigators found a bullet fragment in the home's plumbing, where it got flushed down.

3. Who Were The Suspects?

We won't give everything away, but the suspects included her husband Carrascosa (the main suspect), her brother, her brother-in-law, her doctor and her masseuse. They all reportedly met up at García Belsunce's home after her death to discuss what they should do next. And when the men eventually got subpoenaed by prosecutor Diego Molina Pico, their stories didn't match up.

Meanwhile, it was later revealed that glue was stuck inside of García Belsunce's bullet wounds, causing investigators to suspect that the bathtub story was only a cover-up.

4. Why Are Fans Freaking Out?

Naturally, curious fans are already theorizing about who the guilty party might be. In fact, several people are already calling out the late sociologist's family, largely because of their suspicious behavior in the documentary. One fan tweeted, "It was 100% her family. They literally cleaned the crime scene, flushed a bullet, obtained a false death certificate just to name a few."

Meanwhile, others believe that it could have been her neighbor, who's already had some trouble with the law. Another commenter added, "That neighbor has DEFINITELY killed before."

The whole case is mind-boggling, to say the least, and we imagine that true-crime obsessors won't quit investigating until they've figured out who the culprit is... Stream the entire series exclusively on Netflix.

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