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Whether or not you’ve been married, you’ve likely indulged in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. We certainly have, which is why we did a little digging to unearth answers to our most burning SYTTD questions. Here, five of the most interesting facts we found.

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The Dialogue Isn’t Staged
But they do make you repeat yourself. Olympic bobsledder Elana Taylor, who appeared on the show’s seventh season, told ESPN while producers didn’t tell her what to say, they’d sometimes have her repeat her thoughts a number of times (and in a few different ways). It’s so they have a few options to work with in post-production.

But the Client-Consultant Pairings Aren’t Always Random
Lest you forget you’re watching a reality TV show, SYTTD producers will pair clients with consultants they feel will create the most interesting and entertaining dynamic. So, if you see a bride who oozes Southern glamour and charm paired with a more austere consultant (who would never utter the collective pronoun y’all), it was a conscious decision for TV entertainment value. Viewer, beware.

The Application Process Isn’t Easy
The application for the show lays out a serious stack of ground rules for applicants. First, a bride-to-be must have a fairly clear vision of her wedding. Meaning they must have a date and location for both the ceremony and reception secured. Next, she's tasked with having to describe their signature style in just three words (tough!), provide details on her envisioned theme and budget, and provide a link to her Pinterest account (for, you know, research). 

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There’s a Reason for All the Pnina Tornai
Watch any episode of Say Yes to the Dress and you’ll see no fewer than three options from designer Pnina Tornai. Welp, that’s no coincidence. According to, Kleinfeld has a deal with Tornai, which is why you see her gowns featured so often.

Modest Brides Need Not Apply
When stepping into the dresses, a bride-to-be is accompanied by her (not-so-randomly paired) dress consultant and a cameraperson. Luckily, the show employs only female camera operators for these shots, and they never show footage of ladies in their skivvies.

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