Umm, This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Was in ‘Grey's Anatomy’?!

Throughout the years, we’ve seen so many familiar faces make surprise guest appearances and cameos in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. But, was no one going to tell us a cast member from one of our favorite shows, Stranger Things, made it on the medical drama before coming to Netflix?! 

After putting on our detective hats and doing some digging (thank you, IMDb), we discovered that actress Millie Bobby Brown made a small cameo in Grey’s Anatomy way back in the day. 

While watching a video made by Ms Mojo, we learned that Brown appeared in an episode titled “I Feel The Earth Move” during season 11. She played a young girl named Ruby, who must perform an emergency procedure on her mother (after she got injured in an earthquake) while talking on the phone with Dr. Owen Hunt.

Back in 2016, Brown opened up to Interview Magazine and explained what it meant for her to book a guest spot on Grey’s Anatomy. “I don't actually watch Grey's Anatomy. When I was in it, I kind of knew that it was a big deal. My sister’s a big fan so I kind of knew.”

Before landing her starring role on Stranger Things, the young actress went on to book guest star roles on shows like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, NCIS and even Modern Family.

Millie Bobby Brown attending an awards ceremony.
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Excuse us while we go rewatch Grey’s Anatomy for the fifth time… (don't judge).

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