‘White Lotus’ (and Murder Mystery) Fans Need to Check Out This New Binge-Watch on Hulu

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

If you’re obsessed with HBO’s The White Lotus like the rest of us, then you have to add this new drama series to your queue. 

Based on the bestselling novel by Alexis Schaitkin, Saint X follows a young woman named Emily Thomas (Alycia Debnam-Carey), as she sets out on a dangerous mission to discover what really happened to her older sister, Alison (West Duchovny), who died mysteriously during their family trip to the Caribbean island twenty years earlier.

While watching the first episode, we couldn’t help but be reminded of The White Lotus, from the luxurious resort to the questionable guests who, to put it plainly, could all have something to do with Alison’s murder.

What makes the show an enticing binge-watch is the narrative is told from two different timelines, with the first one showing the events leading up to Alison’s death. Whereas the other takes place in the present, where we get to meet an older Emily, as she is still grappling with the loss of her sister.

Alison Saint X CAT
Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

We also need to mention how blown away we were by Debnam-Carey’s powerful and raw performance as Emily, where it’s not hard not to feel every emotion she conveys on-screen.

As the story progresses, you can’t help but get sucked into the mystery. The narrative will keep you guessing, and just when you think you know who the killer is (spoiler alert!), you don’t—and that’s what makes Saint X such a great watch from the very beginning.

Emily Saint X CAT
Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

In addition, Saint X is not afraid to go there when it comes to tackling serious topics like systematic racism and racial profiling. For example, two Caribbean men working at the resort, named Edwin (Jayden Elijah) and Clive “Gogo” Richardson (Josh Bonzie), find themselves in hot water, being labeled as “savages” and “murderers” by the media, clearly based on their race and economic background.

Desmond and Clive CAT
Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

The first four episodes of Saint X are currently available to stream now on Hulu. The remaining two episodes will be released weekly until the sixth episode premieres on May 17, 2023.

Take it from us, you won’t be disappointed.

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