Who Is Regina King’s Husband? Everything We Know About the Actress’s Dating History

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the 72nd annual Emmy Awards are right around the corner. And while we’re furiously Googling the list of talented nominees (and still trying to get over the snubs), we realized that although we may know a lot about these celebs’ professional careers, there’s a ton we don’t know about their personal lives.

This includes Regina King. For example, is she married? And if so, who is Regina King's husband? Keep reading for everything we know about King's dating history.

1. Who Is Regina King’s Husband?

She doesn’t have one.

And she hasn’t publicly been linked to anyone since 2013. However, the 49-year-old actress was married before (more on that later).

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2. What Is Her Dating History?

Believe it or not, the Watchmen actress has only had two serious (public) relationships in her adult life.

King married fellow actor Ian Alexander in 1997 and stayed in the marriage for ten years before calling it quits in 2007. Four years later, she began a new relationship with old friend and actor Malcolm Jamal-Warner. However, the duo split on Valentine's Day in 2013.

She was also linked to Nicholas Gonzalez and Quentin Richardson, but neither of those potential relationships has ever been confirmed.

3. Does She Have Kids?

King shares one son, also named Ian Alexander, with her ex-husband. And while the divorce may have been messy at first, it was their son who made the duo come together and become friends.

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4. Is Regina King Currently Single?

It seems that way.

Since her last breakup, King has been focusing her time on her impressive career—acting, directing and more. When her son went off to college, she told Wendy Williams in 2015 that she hadn't really been trying to date.

“I've been so busy with work and my girlfriends are like, ‘Do you think a man is just gonna go knock on the door, like, 'I'm here!'?' And I think I wish he would, but I have to make that more of a priority,” King said.

Keep doing you, Regina. Men can wait.