13 Podcasts that Can Help Us Learn About Race and Racism in America

These are troubling times for many Americans. And though blatant racism and prejudice are an enormous problem today, they are something that Black Americans have been dealing with for centuries. From slavery to mass incarceration to police brutality, there are many issues that have affected Black people and unfortunately continue to play a role in their lives. As many take to the streets to protest, donate to organizations fighting for change, share content on social media or grab a book to learn about how to become a better ally, it has become clear we must continue to educate ourselves about the past and use that knowledge to shape our mindset and actions for the future. Here are 13 podcasts to help us learn about race and understand the many ways racism remains prevalent in America.

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1. code Switch

NPR’s Code Switch breaks down race and identity and its impact on the world. Hosted by journalists of color, this podcast uses storytelling to help listeners understand how race shapes politics, pop culture and many mediums in ways we’ve never realized. Each episode dissects race issues and cultural shifts, tackling the uncomfortable conversations head on.

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