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Another day, another terrifying movie added to Netflix’s streaming options. And this one will definitely have you sleeping with the lights on.

Called No Escape Room (not to be confused with two previous films titled Escape Room), the flick is currently ranked number four on the streaming platform’s most-popular movies list. In short, the horror film centers around a father-daughter duo looking for a fun activity to do together, leading them to an Escape the Room “game”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before the game turns into a sinister, paranormal experience that leaves them, along with the other participants, fighting for their lives. Originally airing on TV back in 2018, No Escape Room is a mix between the Saw franchise and the 2018 horror thriller Truth or Dare.

Watch the full trailer below.

Netflix Life’s official synopsis reads, “No Escape Room follows Michael and Karen, a father and daughter who while looking for a fun activity to do on a trip, go to an escape room. But this isn’t your everyday escape room experience you’d play with your friends on a Friday night. This one has sinister intentions, and the two central characters soon realize they can’t always trust the other members of the group. Together, the escape room players face a battle for their survival as they try to get out of the house alive.” 

While the movie is by no means Oscar-worthy (Rotten Tomatoes never actually reviewed it), it does have an interesting premise. And considering it’s made its way onto Netflix’s top 10, we’re willing to give it a shot.

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