Nicole Ari Parker Reveals What She Wants More of in 'And Just Like That' Season 3

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Nicole Ari Parker has captivated fans as the glamorous Lisa Todd Wexley, aka LTW, on HBO's And Just Like That—and for good reason. The character is an Upper East Sider who juggles marriage and motherhood with a successful career, embodies class and could teach us a lesson or two in fashion. (Yes, we still think about that red Valentino gown.) So, it should come as no surprise that the character has become a fan favorite.

With the Sex and the City sequel returning for season three, Parker, who's now teaming up with Novavax and HealthyWomen for the Choose to Protect campaign, sat down with PureWow to discuss her hopes for the upcoming season (including wanting to see a lot more of Herbert), as well as LTW's pregnancy storyline.

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Parker hasn't spilled any details about season three's plot, but she did reveal that she has faith in the writers. And of course, she's most eager to wear new trendy pieces from LTW's fashion closet. She said, "It's so top secret that I don't even know what's happening. The writers are like a vault, but I'm looking forward to the fashion. And to be back with that wonderful cast. You know, I love shooting in New York. I love where the show has been going."

The actress also revealed that she'd love to see the show further explore LTW's relationship with her husband. She told us, "I think we'll see more of LTW, hopefully with Chris Jackson, who plays Herbert."

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Fans will recall that Herbert and LTW received the ultimate curveball after learning that they were expecting in season two, but in a heartbreaking twist, they wound up losing their child.

Although the storyline led to mixed reactions from fans, Parker believes it was a thoughtful approach to unplanned pregnancy. She said, "I think the story just really focused on all the options that face a working woman in a marriage. I think every woman, individually, has to make that decision. And I think that losing a child is really difficult. I'm glad that this character has a partner to go through all of those steps and ask all those questions. I really love that."

She added, "These episodes are very short. And when I look at all the information they're getting in, I love that they were able to make that decision in the writers' room. To also give her partner a voice."

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While chatting about the inspiration behind LTW, she told us, "We all know that these women exist. They exist in New York, and I loved just diving in, giving her a voice, knowing in my heart that I'm representing a large population."

She added, "Everyone that we've seen, from Diahann Carroll to major activists that are high profile, very powerful women behind the scenes, not just in front of the camera. I just know these women, and to be able to play one is truly an honor."

Parker also discussed her new partnership with Novavax and why she wanted to join their campaign. She told us, "I personally believe that science-based information is really the key to encouraging people to take the necessary steps to protect their loved ones. And as an actor, I'm constantly interacting with people and public spaces on sets. Having a vaccine makes me feel protected. And this partnership really encapsulated what I believe most people might need to support those decisions." (Sounds like LTW would approve.)

We can't wait to see more of the fierce entrepreneur in season three.

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