11 Valentines Only New Yorkers Understand

Love makes you do crazy things. Like share a studio apartment with another human being. Or take selfies on the High Line. But there’s no one we’d rather make irrational decisions with than our fellow city dwellers. Here, 11 little love notes to send to your bae, your bestie and your bodega guy.

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quote 11

’Til death do us part. Or the L-train shutdown, whichever comes first.

quote 21

You're the pastrami to my rye.

quote 31

I'd give you the world my Hamilton lottery tickets.

quote 4

There's no one I'd rather share a 350-square-foot fourth-floor walk-up with.

quote 5

No one knows me as well as you do. Except maybe the people at Seamless.

quote 6

I’ll always be by your side. (Unless it’s “showtime” on the E train. Then you’re on your own.)

quote 7

Love you lox.

quote 8

Is there anything more romantic than a boat ride in Central Park? I'm asking because I've never done it and have no idea.

quote 9

My love knows know borough bounds. (Well, except Staten Island.)

quote 10

I promise never to make you move to the suburbs.

quote 111

I'd let you have the last slice.

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