This ‘Scream 6’ Theory Involving Neve Campbell Is Truly Bonkers—and Fans Aren’t Happy About it

Lately, we’ve been seeing some pretty bizarre fan theories floating around the internet about who the killer behind the Ghostface mask could be in the upcoming Scream 6. But, out of all that we’ve read, there’s one we recently stumbled upon that really takes the cake.

While we were scrolling on Reddit, we came across this fan theory about the new Scream movie and it’s absolutely wildddd. One fan theorized about the possible identity of the killer and—get this—they speculated that it could be Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell).

OK, stay with us. The user wrote, “Just [a] theory, but to me this makes sense, what else can they do with the franchise to keep it exciting? I think [Neve] Campbell stepping away is a marketing stunt and she will be revealed as the killer. What do you guys thinks?”

Neve Campbell wearing a black sparkly dress.

Now we know this theory is really out there and seems very far-fetched. And there were so many fans who were not afraid to tell the Reddit user their true thoughts about the theory. One user said, “I think that’s a terrible idea and thankfully that will never happen!” Another Reddit user suggested that Prescott being the new killer would simply “ruin” the whole franchise. “Completely out of character for her,” they added.

Sure, it might be out of character. But why would it be even more unexpected? Well, last year, the actress announced that she would not return for the new Scream movie. She later revealed to People magazine that she chose not to come back because she wasn’t offered enough money. But, if this was just a stunt to pull the wool over our eyes and she’s the new Ghostface, it would leave a lot of fans (including us) shocked beyond belief. 

We guess we’ll just have to wait for Scream 6—which hits theaters on March 10—to find out for sure.

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