10 Netflix Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

The streaming giant has revolutionized the way we watch TV but that doesn’t mean that we know about all of its best features. Here, ten Netflix tips that will totally upgrade your viewing experience. Go forth and binge-watch.

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1. Search for Super Specific Categories

Standard genres like “comedy” and “documentaries” are great and all, but what about when you’re craving something to replace your obsession with The Crown? Enter Netflix’s secret categories (like “British political dramas”). To unlock this weird and wonderful encyclopedia (“suspenseful movies starring Denzel Washington,” anyone?), visit either What's on Netflix or Netflix Secret Categories and browse away. Once you find the genre you want to explore further, type “” into your web browser and add the category number after the last slash (it will look like this:

How to Unlock Weirdly Specific Netflix Categories like ‘Tearjerkers’ or ‘Serial Killer Movies’

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2. Binge-watch with Zero Shame

Yes, Netflix, we’re still watching, OK? To get rid of those judgy pop-up messages when you’re three hours deep into a Parks and Rec marathon, just download the Neverending Netflix extension on Chrome. Then you can binge-watch on your computer to your heart’s content.

3. Stop Autoplay

But on the flip side, sometimes it’s really annoying (and by annoying, we mean a total time suck) when the ’Flix just keeps playing episode after episode with barely a break in between. To switch off the autoplay feature, navigate to your Account, click Playback Settings, then uncheck the option to play the next episode automatically. Simple.

4. Stream Offline with Smart Downloads

Thanks to a nifty new feature that will delete watched content and download new episodes for you, you never have to worry about being stuck on a five-hour flight with nothing to do. The only catch? The feature is currently only available via the Netflix app on Android phones and tablets but will expand to iOS devices later this year.

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5. Clean Up Your Account

So you lent your password to your cousin, next door neighbor and, um, ex-boyfriend, and now your algorithm is a total mess. To kick everyone else off your account, simply go to My Account and sign out of all devices. Ta-da—no more off-brand recommendations.

6. Nix Neck Pain When You’re Watching in Bed

Too many late-night Friends sessions leaving you with muscle aches? Hey, the struggle is real. To rotate the browser of your computer so that you can lie down and watch your favorite shows, just download the Netflip Chrome extension that will turn your browser 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise.

7. Put in a Request

Yep, you can actually ask the streaming giant for TV shows and movies that you’d like to see on the platform. Put in your request here. (Ahem, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

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8. Set Parental Controls

This is a must-know for anyone with children (or visiting nieces and nephews—sorry, sis). You can control what kiddos view in two ways—either by setting a pin for certain shows and movies, or by choosing a maturity level for a profile. Find out more here.

9. Customize Your Subtitles

You’re gearing up for your trip to Europe by making your way through the foreign language catalogue. Enhance your esperienza visiva (that’s “viewing experience” in Italian) by changing the color, size and font of your subtitles here. Bellissima!

10. Delete Your Viewing History

So, you watched the last episode of Mindhunter without your S.O. Oops. Cover your tracks by deleting your viewing history and they’ll be none the wiser.  

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