10 TV Shows to Watch When You Need a Good Cry

There’s a time and a place for feel-good shows, but sometimes, we’re in the mood for something a little more, shall we say, emotionally draining. Here, ten shows we turn on when we need a good cry.

40 Movies to Watch When You Need a Good Cry

sad tv shows this is us

this Is Us

Probably the most tears per minute of any TV show ever.

Watch it on: NBC and Hulu

sad tv shows parenthood


The sadness lies in how damn relatable it is.

Watch it on: Netflix

sad tv shows bojack

bojack Horseman

For an animated show about an anthropomorphic horse, BoJack has made us weep on no fewer than 11 occasions.

Watch it on: Netflix

sad tv shows greys anatomy

grey's Anatomy

With 14 seasons under its belt, this medical drama has no shortage of tear-jerking moments.

Watch it on: ABC, Hulu and Netflix

sad tv shows himym

how I Met Your Mother

For a comedy, HIMYM has a surprising number of tender moments. (Like when Marshall’s dad dies.)

Watch it on: Netflix

sad tv shows handmaids

handmaid's Tale

Watch this and alternate between tears and genuine concern.

Watch it on: Hulu

sad tv shows breaking bad

breaking Bad

Momentary periods of respite (in the form of dark humor) didn’t make the constant death, despair and destruction any less crushing.

Watch it on: Netflix

sad tv shows six feet under

six Feet Under

The scene: The series’ last. The song: “Breathe Me” by Sia.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

sad tv shows game of thrones1

game Of Thrones

Sometimes you’ll cry out of fear; other times it’ll be because of the Red Wedding

Watch it on: HBO and Amazon Prime

sad tv shows the voice

the Voice

On the plus side, lots of the darkest contestant backstories have happy endings.

Watch it on: NBC and Hulu

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