10 TV Shows to Watch When You Need a Good Cry

There’s a time and a place for feel-good shows, but sometimes, we’re in the mood for something a little more, shall we say, emotionally draining. Here, ten shows we turn on when we need a good cry.

40 Movies to Watch When You Need a Good Cry


this Is Us

Probably the most tears per minute of any TV show ever.

Watch it on: NBC and Hulu



The sadness lies in how damn relatable it is.

Watch it on: Netflix


bojack Horseman

For an animated show about an anthropomorphic horse, BoJack has made us weep on no fewer than 11 occasions.

Watch it on: Netflix


grey's Anatomy

With 14 seasons under its belt, this medical drama has no shortage of tear-jerking moments.

Watch it on: ABC, Hulu and Netflix


how I Met Your Mother

For a comedy, HIMYM has a surprising number of tender moments. (Like when Marshall’s dad dies.)

Watch it on: Netflix


handmaid's Tale

Watch this and alternate between tears and genuine concern.

Watch it on: Hulu


breaking Bad

Momentary periods of respite (in the form of dark humor) didn’t make the constant death, despair and destruction any less crushing.

Watch it on: Netflix


six Feet Under

The scene: The series’ last. The song: “Breathe Me” by Sia.

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game Of Thrones

Sometimes you’ll cry out of fear; other times it’ll be because of the Red Wedding.

Watch it on: HBO and Amazon Prime


the Voice

On the plus side, lots of the darkest contestant backstories have happy endings.

Watch it on: NBC and Hulu